XP upgrade from windows 98SE requirements

  pub 08:18 21 Oct 2006

What are the minimum requirements to upgrade from Windows 98SE to Windows XP ? How much RAM ? Hard-drive capacity ? The processor in the computer I want to upgrade is a Pentium 3,I am unsure of the motherboard specs,where or how do I find them ? Also the computer in question will not be used on the internet,it is my 8 year old daughters`,so will mainly be used for typing homework and some photos from her camera.Thanks.

  VoG II 08:25 21 Oct 2006

Motherboard specs click here

System requirements click here

  ed-0 12:55 21 Oct 2006

A 500Mhz processor ( cpu ). You use a Pentium 3, so that should be fine.

128Mb's of memory. Open control panel and then system. On the page in front of you ( system properties ) it should tell you the model of your processor and the total amount of memory you have.

4Gb+ of hard drive. Open my computer and right click the "C" drive. Scroll down to properties and open. A pie chart should open. This will give you the used hard drive space and the free hard drive space. Adding them together should give the total size of the hard drive.

Anything over those sizes are a bonus.

Do you want to post back the results for some comments or advise?

  STREETWORK 13:15 21 Oct 2006

Befroe upgrading make sure drivers for your hardware are available for XP, scanner, printer, etc.

  ed-0 13:28 21 Oct 2006

Good idea.

" Do you want to post back the results for some comments or advise? "

sorry advice and not advise.

  pub 18:39 21 Oct 2006

Thanks for advice so far,sounds good.I`ll check all specs,then see.

  Monument 20:23 21 Oct 2006

The computer will be at the close to the minimum spec for running XP. 128MB od RAM is really insufficient and if your graphics happen to be on board then that must be taken off your total RAM.

You say that the machine is only to be used for Word Processing and downloading photos from a camera. My question would be why do you need XP?

  pub 08:00 22 Oct 2006

Ease of us really,plus that is what they use at school so she already knows how to use XP.How much RAM would you suggest ? The graphics card is on board by the way.

  VoG II 10:28 22 Oct 2006

XP will run with 128 MB RAM but it will be sluggish. I would suggest increasing to 512 MB if you can. Try the Crucial tool click here

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