shunter 17:03 29 Aug 2006

Hi everyone, only my 3rd post so please treat me gently! Want to upgrade my 98se to XP as the PC has become really cranky now and so many apps/progs don't seem to work either well or at all with 98. I think there are two options if I'm right. A full re-load with a reformat of the two HDDs OR upgrade on top of the 98. As I've got loads of photos and other files if possible I'd like to avoid the first option, however would it be better to reformat? Next question how easy is it to do the upgrade, beaing in mind I'm not that PC savvy! Lastly any comments with regards to the system I have and any foreseeable problems I might encouter using this..
Mobo = MSI K7T266 Pro2 (VIA KT266A chipset)
CPU = Athlon 1700+ XP
Mem = 1024 Meg RAM
Graphics = Sapphire Radeon 9000 Atlantis Pro 128Mb
Hard drives = 2 x Western Digital (Master 10Gb + Slave 80b)
Thanks in advance for any help.

  1887 17:27 29 Aug 2006

You get get a disc to upgrade windows 98 to xp mate from click here

Or you can get a full install xp from click here

  VoG II 19:46 29 Aug 2006

The purists will tell you that a fresh install is best but I upgraded 98 > ME > XP without a problem.

If you want to do a fresh install you can format during the installation click here

  Strawballs 23:33 29 Aug 2006

you would only need to formatt your master HDD during install of XP as it will read off of a FAT32 drive so move everything that you want to keep to the slave drive but if you do the upgrade this will not be lost.

  DieSse 01:05 30 Aug 2006

You can use the upgrade disk to do a clean install, as long as you got your Win98 CD. The procedure with the upgrade version simply asks you to put in the 98CD at a certain stage, to verify that you have one.

A clean install is always better - though it will be more hassle and take more time.

If you do a clean install, rest your drive to use NTFS as the file system, by repartitioning and formatting. The XP CD will do these for you during it's installation, at an early stage - just watch the screen for instructions.

Personally I think 10GB is a bit small to be installing to - I would personally change the drives over, and use the 10GB for backups.

  shunter 10:32 30 Aug 2006

Thanks everyone for your help and kind advice. Doubtless I'll be back.

I tried using the MS Upgrade Advisor last night and it gave me a long list of possible conflicts with various equipment/programs that I have on my PC so I'm not sure what to do as I think I'll need to hun around for new drivers anyway. Might get the upgrade pack and then take it to a local PC store and get them to install it for me. Might be the easiest solution me thinks.

Thanks again.

  Charlemagne 10:40 30 Aug 2006

Why not try a dual boot system with XP on the 80Gb hard drive.

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