XP Upgrade advice

  geoff47 15:22 14 Nov 2006

I am gearing up to upgrade from Win98se to XP.

I have ordered some memory from Crucial and have been looking around for the cheapest upgrade.

I found one on Ebay that is second hand, the person selling says it is OK to sell on, in that it no longer on his old PC that crashed, and his new one was bundled with everything he wanted.
Will I get any problems should I win this item ?

  ventanas 15:27 14 Nov 2006

If it was supplied as OEM with his old pc then it is not ok to sell on. The seller must dispose of it along with the computer. The fact that it is no longer installed on this machine is irrelevant. I would leave it alone if you cannot be sure that it is a retail disc. You need to purchase a retail upgrade CD.

  geoff47 17:20 14 Nov 2006

This software is second hand - that is - it has been installed on one computer as per the terms of the license and has subsequently been removed from the computer. In accordance with the terms of the license it is now being sold on in perfect condition (ie it is no longer installed on any PC and no copies of the software have been made).

The guy says he is a teacher and he has a good feedback....but he might be misguided in thinking that he can sell it on.I have asked him if it is a retail disc.If it is....would that be OK ?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:31 14 Nov 2006

If it's a retail disk then it should be ok; as stated, if OEM then it can't be used by you.

You can get XP for about £60 from ebuyer so that's something to think about too.

  Z1100 17:42 14 Nov 2006

You can buy OEM Windows XP at on line shops and you can install it, call Microsoft to get it activated and it is legal.

The only time you cannot use it is when it is a 'Recovery Disc' but that wouldn't load anyway so why would you buy it. My XP Pro is a Hologram Disc with SP2 and it has a pretty little Sticker for the side of my box, with the Licence Key on it. I bought it online, sealed and new. £80.00

All that happens is this;
“When you install this product you will be asked to type in the code on the licence sticker affixed to the booklet. You will find that this is accepted as correct and that installation continues normally. “

Then Activation;
“To register the software and "activate" it with Microsoft, a number of customers have found they get an error message on screen saying the code is incorrect. The code is not actually incorrect, nor is there anything wrong with the licence. This is a fault to do with the change in the activation process. Give them the code on your licence sticker, and they will give you a different code to type on your computer to complete the process. “

Works great. The only problem with a 2nd hand disc is you need to trust that the seller did in fact remove the software from any or all PCs


  goonerbill © ® 17:47 14 Nov 2006

dont forget you will need the softwares COA as well or it wont install. the COA is 5 blocks of 5 numbers/letters or combination of both and should be attached to his old pc, which he will need to remove carefully and send it with the xp disk.

  geoff47 17:50 14 Nov 2006

The listing is for one day only ?
And has only 40 odd minutes to go...the offer so far is 22 squid add to that postage of £ 3.50....is it too good to be true?
That was a rhetorical question....but dont let me stop you giving any advice.

  geoff47 17:57 14 Nov 2006

Whatever COA is would a retail disc require one ?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:58 14 Nov 2006

Certificate of Authenticity

It should come with the OS disk - generally a sticker on the box if retail.

  geoff47 18:32 14 Nov 2006

Winning bid £35.56
I wonder if I should be happy or not ?

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