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  MattG 16:23 02 Jan 2003
  MattG 16:23 02 Jan 2003


I recently tried to upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows XP. But was not able to complete installation as the two were not compatable.

The problem i have now is that everytime i start the computer i am promted to choose between Windows XP Setup (default) or Windows 98. How can i get rid of this, or change the default to 98?

Any help would be great.


  « Ravin » 16:42 02 Jan 2003

looks like you've got a dual booting system. you must have selected the option for clean install rather than upgrade. you can either format the partition xp is on and edit C:\boot.ini to get rid of the option screen ,you'll now boot into win 98 or totally start from sratch and install xp again after formatting the drive.

  MattG 16:47 02 Jan 2003

Thanks for that. I have decided against XP now, so the first option sounds perfect. How do i edit the boot.ini file?


  TechMad 17:52 02 Jan 2003

From the Windows XP end!

Open the "system" dialog, which can be found in the control pannel. On the Advanced pannel, you will find a section labeled "Startup and recovery". In this section click the "Settings" button.

Look for the "Default operating system" Below that you can select from the drop down box and select the one marked something like "Microsoft Windows 98"

In the box below it, it asks you for how long you want the list of operating systems to be displayed for. Highlight the contents and press the Zero digit on your keyboard. Select OK.

I hope this helps!

  « Ravin » 20:09 02 Jan 2003

TechMad has given the simplest way to do it! you can also boot into windows 98 create a start up disk from control panel>add remove progs>start up and boot from this disk. when you get the prompt A:/ type sys c: assuming 98 is on c: drive . this should get rid of the options screen and you can then format the partition xp is installed on. just giving you options here..

  rickf 20:16 02 Jan 2003

Why decide to get rid of xp? Don't be too hasty. Its a very good os compared to win98. If I were you I would upgrade to xp but then I am not you. I changed from 98 to xp and have not regretted a single moment of it since.

  artist 23:19 02 Jan 2003

I agree with rickf. XP much better. Had loads of trouble getting from 98 to xp - you're bringing back bad memories MattG.

  Why Am I Here? 23:36 02 Jan 2003

Been mentioned before but best way to upgrade is to do a clean install of XP.

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