XP updates for new install

  Colonel Graham 22:42 14 Aug 2011

I have discovered a friend's laptop has a pirate/counterfeit version of XP installed. I have an authentic version with unused Product Key.

My concern is if I install this, it will be forever updating. Are there any updates I can download now to speed up the process?

  rdave13 22:54 14 Aug 2011

There is a list of them here , scroll down a bit for XP

  Colonel Graham 22:58 14 Aug 2011


Thanks, I'll download SP 2 and 3, that should speed things up.

  robin_x 23:03 14 Aug 2011

Been a couple of years since I downloaded SP3. (been on W7 since)

I remember having problems because there were a couple of versions.

In the end, the Network version worked. (I was a network of 1 xPC then)

'XP SP3 enu network download'

It's burnt in my brain since it took me a few days to suss it.

rdave's may take you to later links tho'.


  rdave13 23:05 14 Aug 2011

Check the notes under Do not install XP SP2 without first reading these important notes.

  Colonel Graham 23:25 14 Aug 2011

Thanks all, links bookmarked.

  Taff™ 07:39 15 Aug 2011

Further to rdave13's advice I regularly do this using the same methods outlined. One tip however is during the setup decline to set automatic updates from the start otherwise whilst you're applying the two service packs the system will be attempting to update the OS itself.

Once you have SP3 installed manually go to the Windows Update site and continue installing Important updates only, reboting and repeating until you have them all. At my last count early July there should be about 131. Then take any optional updates - I installed about 18 leaving 4 alone - windows search indexing being one of them!

Finally then switch Auto Update back on.

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