XP - unable to obtain Updates or Register with MS

  dms05 14:20 21 Nov 2006

I've posted the basis of this request before but I will try again.

I've just re-installed XP Home on my Acer laptop using the CD's supplied by Acer. I then ran the MS Update facility and download/installed 66 Critical updates. All was fine.

The next day (today) I tried to install Defender, which goes well until we reach the Update Definitions which are 296 days old. At this point I'm thrown into an endless circle of Validation/Registering and back to the start.

I've tried all the offered options but cannot Register my copy of XP Home which is 100% genuine and worked 100% before the reinstall.

I've asked Acer and MS, both of whom say the other is responsible for support. Really helpful.

Has anyone any idea how I can register a legal copy of XP so MS recognises it as such.

  Pamy 14:44 21 Nov 2006

dms05, I Have not heard of "Defender". Do you realy want it? All seams OK from what you say untill you try to load this prog.

  dms05 14:52 21 Nov 2006

Hi Pamy - Defender is MS AntiSpyware program and integrates nicely with XP and the Windows Update facility. However I can't get that now, so I'm using Spybot for that use.

  Pamy 14:55 21 Nov 2006

dms05, so is your copy of XPHome now registerd, but without Defender?

  Jackcoms 15:13 21 Nov 2006

Suggest you un-install and re-install Defender.

You may also want to clear any leftovers out of the registry with click here before re-installing.

Ensure you use the final release version (not the Beta Version) click here

Download the .exe file to your Desktop. Come off-line, disable your AV and then install it.

  dms05 15:23 21 Nov 2006

Hi Jackcoms - the problem is more widespread. I now cannot download any MS Updates using the Update procedure. It tells me that the appropriate files are missing and will be installed, then that they will be Registered. Both report 100% success. Howeve I'm then returned to the initial page saying the files are missing.

I've tried MS Support Database and the Knolwedge articles but can't find anything (other than reports that early in Oct 2006 if you tried to register XP you might have a problem due to MS server malfunction).

I don't really want to re-install yet again and have the hours of reinstating my laptop to it's pre-problem configuration. Especially when theirs no guarantee of success.

  zarobian 15:24 21 Nov 2006

If you have used Acer's restore cd then you do not need activation. I am sure you have registered the software when you first switched on your laptop.

Try deleting all internet and other temporary files and then try to download windows defender's updates.

you can use disc cleanup utility from:
Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools and select Disk Clean up.

  Jackcoms 15:32 21 Nov 2006

Or try a repair of your Windows installation.

Sometimes the system files (those required to run Windows properly) can become corrupted.

Here's how to run a check on your system files:
• Click Start; Run.
• In the Run box, type cmd.exe to open the command prompt window.
• At the prompt, type sfc.exe /scannow
• Press ENTER. If Windows finds problems with the system files, you will be prompted to insert your Windows XP installation CD to restore the files.

If no problems are found and the scan finishes, type exit and press ENTER.

  dms05 15:38 21 Nov 2006

Zarobian - I ran Disk Clean Up and it reported nothing needed doing (as the installation is 24 hours old). However I deleted all the Internet debris and ran Update again. Still the same loop >files missing or not registered> files 100% loaded>files 100% registered>Back to beginning.

Really annoying!

  dms05 15:41 21 Nov 2006

Jackcoms - I've started sfc /scannow but from previous experience that takes a long time to run. So I'll report later.

  dms05 16:22 21 Nov 2006

Jackcoms - sfc /scannow ran without a hitch and didn't request anything.

I again ran Update and again was in the same loop.

I tried dropping (in turn) my Firewall, AntiVirus and AntiSpyware protection and repeated the Upgrade attempt but still had the same loop.

I've tried IE6 and 7. I've tried Firefox, I've tried Opera. No change.

XP without an ability to update is a serious risk and I will be looking to make a change unless I can solve the problem.

Thanks for your help.

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