xp is too slow

  liljellytot 15:21 19 Jun 2004

iv got a computa bout 1-2 yrs ago,n it is da slowest thing u wil eva c!!!it should be quite fast,im not sure about the exact statistics,but all i no that it is seriously takin the mick...
it isnt b'cos the memory is low cos its got 80GB n its eitha got 128MB or 256MB DDR,n i seriously dunno wot 2 do...my dad got this realli crap comp...n evn his is faster than me..its not the processor...n i no that..me dad sed that his m8 de....de-somethinged it...not defrag..de compartmentised...or something like dat,ne1 got a clue wot i mite b on a bout..n how 2 do it..pls email me
lv amy xxx

  johnnyrocker 15:38 19 Jun 2004

first of all download adaware and spy bot from the download section of this site update and run them you will be surprised what it finds.


  woodchip 15:50 19 Jun 2004

i tink yer pulin me leg

  Stuartli 15:53 19 Jun 2004

I presume you mean the hard drive is 80GB. You will need a minimum of 256MB of RAM to start to get the best out of XP.

Sounds as though the system needs tweaking to get the best out of it. A defrag would help for a start.

I've got XP Pro, a modest 400MHz Celeron, 256MB of RAM and a 60GB HDD, plus a dial up connection, and overall it's more than quick enough as far as I'm concerned.

  golfpro 15:54 19 Jun 2004

So du I.

  powerless 16:00 19 Jun 2004

bkup, refmt n rinstl.

aftr 2 yrs, ther wil b so mch crap on da puter, giv it a nw life n refmt.


Backup, Reformat and Reinstall.

After 2 years there will be so much crap on the computer, give it a new life and format.

  originalmiscellany 18:50 19 Jun 2004

I fnk that ur cmpta is bad. Cell it Nd By Xbox. Wikid

  cream. 18:53 19 Jun 2004


  Taw® 19:02 19 Jun 2004

nice one powerless made me laugh

  Mikè 19:35 19 Jun 2004

R u allowed 2 use the c word here?

  The Spires 19:57 19 Jun 2004


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