xp themes

  herc182 12:25 16 Mar 2004

Anyone know where i can download free windows xp themes without having to install some sort of software to use them? i am on my work computer and dont want to install anything on it.

Any ideas?

Thanks people.

  anon1 12:36 16 Mar 2004

herc182 Iherc182 am a little surprised at you GOOGLE found click here

  herc182 12:39 16 Mar 2004

i tried that website, but you need to download and install "style XP". it is only a trial version at that...

  anon1 12:49 16 Mar 2004

click here click here click here click here
Few more to try, you office boys have such a hard life

  herc182 13:04 16 Mar 2004

What do you mean hard life?! i am just sick of
looking at the same thing all the time!
what do you do for a living?

  anon1 13:06 16 Mar 2004

work with steel and at the mo on nights. As usual cant sleep one thing or another keeps me awake if its not the phone its the dogs barking at the postman

  tomleady 13:15 16 Mar 2004

style xp you need to buy yeah,

but i'm still running the demo about 5months later. it changes your theme to a default one every now and then. so i just change it to one i like. easy.

  herc182 13:18 16 Mar 2004

does this screw anything up? or is it safe to download?

anon1 - i am a tunnelling engineer. no dogs that bark here apart from the women who are in the profession! and a few secretaries for using their printers....i mean honestly....

  tomleady 13:29 16 Mar 2004

no it doesnt screw anytign up.

seems very safe to download, and it is easy to remove.

you change either change your style by right clicking on the desktop, then Appearence.

Or you can change it in Style XP, which seems to change more. so i use that.

you can download styles off click here

they come in a zip file. then you extract them to C:Windows\Resources\Themes

which i think is the default. and thats where i put my styles.

Overall, its dead easy. and seems a very legit peice of kit.


  herc182 13:35 16 Mar 2004


Will do that now.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:37 16 Mar 2004

You dont need style xp running to use the app but it does need to be installed,what u could do is use it save the changes it makes then uninstall it as long as you know where the files are it changed u can swop then about all you like.


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