chrisinireland 20:46 04 Jan 2004

well i have been runnin xp pro now for about a year and i have had no problems in the past. i recently got my computer upgraded for christmas, to a 3.2ghz AMd xp pro Processor, 1gb DDr PCI 3200 ram, Leadtek GeForce FX 5900Xt ULtra, And a NForce 2 Ultra Motherboard, every was going great for playin games and stuff (im mad about playing mohaa and gunmetal) now every so often little anoyin things happening. the most recent thing is that the task bar at the bottom can is set as default to the XP CLASSIC style and it wont let me change it back , in fact the xp normal style is not even there. after a week of trying to fix this problem i still havent had n e joy, its doing my nut in, can n e 1 plz tell me whats wrong, would be much ablieged.

  howard60 22:00 04 Jan 2004

try system restore to go back to before the problems started

  ton 22:05 04 Jan 2004

Right click anywhere in the taskbar, select properties, then the Start Menu tab. In the lower window area you will see where you can choose the XP or classic menu interfaces. Take the time to have a look through these properties, many selections for customising XP's look and feel can be found here.

  chrisinireland 22:10 04 Jan 2004

i might try both but i dont really want to do a restore as i have just got my pc runnin the way i want it to thank n e ways n e more help would be greatly apreciated.

  THE TERMINATOR 03:35 05 Jan 2004

you can't have your pc running the way you wanted, otherwide you would'nt have posted. Right click the desktop & from the display properties choose appearance and change the appearance of windows.

  The Paul 07:34 05 Jan 2004

I've been having very similar probs with my system too (running XP Pro). I've had a few threads recently to try and resolve running issues.

Basically, if after a reboot you cannot get to change the settings as described above then the only way that I know of correcting this is to use the Repair method using your Installation disc. System Restore probably wont fix it - or at least it has never done it for me.

  chrisinireland 21:19 08 Jan 2004

yea i tryied doing the system restore too no luck either, well n e way i just rebotted my pc and put in windows 2000 pro, so far ive seen a massive increase in speed and my 1mb ntl connection is downloading at speed ive never had before (my standard speed is 122kbs, with win 2000 it like 200-250kbs) im fed up with xp n e way alway too much bother for what its worth and its not good for game and making dvd.
well n e ways thanks for the help lads its much appreciated

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