XP System Restore - Operation

  User-C5CE72DE-020B-4DD8-A95855D47F731F00 12:07 19 Jun 2004

I've just realised I can't get back to any dates other than those in the current month when using System Restore. (That is, I can't go back before June at the moment.)

Is this normal operation of the system? If not, how can I repair it please/

Many thanks

  johnnyrocker 12:13 19 Jun 2004

have you clicked the back forward arrows at the top of the calendar?
i would have thought nearly a month reversal suitable for most purposes.


johnnyrocker - yes, but nothing happens - they are faint so I assume they're not working.

  Graham ® 13:05 19 Jun 2004

I can go back to March. On the first screen, there is a System Restore Settings button. Check the amount of disc space. I have mine on max.

  garrema 13:23 19 Jun 2004

I have read in a mag this month something along the line of the latest restore point is the full one. e.g yesterdays (Friday) contains all the info. Now earlier ones only store the difference between the day before (thurs) and Yesterday.
If you have had a bad shutdown, crash or error elsewhere this can affect the full restore from yesterday and because of this the earlier restore points now have no way of referencing any differneces between times.
They are lost as far as I know.

Thank you for all your help

  Allan_WJ 01:30 21 Jun 2004

This sorted the same problem for me ....
click here;en-us;299904

  hugh-265156 01:47 21 Jun 2004

i know this doesn't help you now Mantle but depending on how much disk space you have allocated to system restore, there will come a point in time that the old restore points get overwritten.

it depends on the size of your hard drive but i find setting to around 3% on a 40gig drive will let me go back about two weeks or so but i make lots of my own restore points in between system checkpoints. your mileage may vary.

click 'start/control panel/system/system restore' and use the slider to adjust the amount of disk space to allow system restore to use. the higher the size the longer it will be before they get overwritten.

  €dstowe 05:44 21 Jun 2004

System Restore is not the panacea that MS would like us to think it is. A full system backup is much more reliable and useful. You can prepare these and keep them as long as you want to.

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