XP sudden shutdown, but gives a warning

  duplo 11:36 03 Mar 2004

My girlfriends PC appears to have a virus or a serious spyware problem.

Whenever she tries to access the internet a warning will appear saying that XP will shut down in 59secons, save all you data. 59 seconds latter it will shut down.

Whenever she tries to open IE some spyware site is set to default, and pop ups appear offereing anti spyware and such things. She tries to close these and the shutdown warning pops up, nothing will stop it. She lives in Canada (and I am here in the UK for another few months!).

I spoke to her sister who knows a little more than my girlfriend. They have broadband, but no AV, No Firewall and no anti spyware progs.

I tried to help using remot desktop, but to no avail.

I am going to suggest she uses a friends PC to download Zona Alarm, AVG and spyware blaster. To boot the machine up with the BB modem unplugged and to install the programs. Will this help?

My other idea was system restor (it runs XP), but I fear that if its a virus it will have copied itself to system restor.

Are my ideas OK, and does anyone have any suggestions?

  ventanas 11:44 03 Mar 2004

Could be the Blaster Virus. If so turn off System Restore and run Stinger click here to remove. Turn SR back on and go to Windows Update to get the patch or it will come back. (In fact get all the critical updates)

The get the other programs you mention. I can't understand it. No defences at all!!!

  VoG II 11:45 03 Mar 2004

Sounds like Blaster click here

  duplo 12:20 03 Mar 2004

OK.. I will speak call her tonight and speak her through it! Lets hope it works!
I will let you know!

  medicine hat 12:30 03 Mar 2004

This update may make her system more secure click here

  palinka 15:20 03 Mar 2004

Remember too that when she downloads AVG it will still probably need updating immediately as well as at frequent intervals thereafter. I find that many of my colleagues still don't know that an AV program has to be updated regularly. All the talk is about "scanning for viruses" when the updating to protect against the viruses is more important.

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