XP Startup problem

  Scubaman 20:18 07 Mar 2006

Hi, I am having a problem with my other computer on startup. The old drive was getting noisy and freezing on startup, so I installed a new one and used Norton Ghost to transfer the old drive. Everything went fine but ocasionally the windows XP screen appears and the progress bar freezes and I have to restart then its fine until the next time. Any ideas?

  PC Bilbo 23:02 07 Mar 2006

If it was running fine on yr other drive, it sounds like something corrupted in the transfer.

Try running system file checker. From Start > RUN

type "sfc /scannow" without the quotes and have your XP disk ready incase it asks for it.

  Scubaman 11:42 08 Mar 2006

Thanks Bilbo, It wouldn't work with the "/" so I tried it without and all I saw was a flash of a black window, it that it?

  Press Man 11:47 08 Mar 2006

Try it again, make sure you have a space after sfc.

  Scubaman 11:53 08 Mar 2006

Tried it five times now and I just manage to see what looks like a DOS screen flash up. sfc scannow

  rawprawn 12:24 08 Mar 2006

sfc /scannow will work make sure that you put a space between sfc and /

  Scubaman 13:27 08 Mar 2006

OK, sfc /scannow executed but I missed the end result. I will mark this problem a s resolved and try the startup again. If I have a further problem I will post another thread. Many thanks for your help.

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