xp startup

  big geof 10:55 22 Jan 2005

i run xp pro, ever since downloading and installing sp2 my computer runs a lot slower than before,also when it boots up i now get the "log on to windows screen" which i didn't get before,i also find "user accounts setting" in control panel no longer works, i have looked at "system restore" but there are no restore points prior to sp2 installation.

cheers geoff

  Jeffers22 11:01 22 Jan 2005

You can always uninstall it via control panel > add/remove programs.

That's what I did, I then made sure I downloaded ALL the critical updates (excluding SP2). I now run XP Pro SP1 plus critical updates and it's all a lot more stable.

  johnnyrocker 11:02 22 Jan 2005

uninstall in add/remove progs?


  johnnyrocker 11:03 22 Jan 2005

must type faster;)) that is exactly the same set up i have as jeffers.


  Jeffers22 11:05 22 Jan 2005

With SP2 I had crashes several times a day. (Something on my machine didn't like it I guess) Now, with SP1 + CI it only crashes every couple of days. One of these days I'll get motivated to find out why and try to cure it - maybe ....

  Jackcoms 11:10 22 Jan 2005


"Now, with SP1 + CI it only crashes every couple of days".

Which, presumably, means that you didn't bother to undertake any basic PC housekeeping before installing SP2?

One of the first rules of a successful SP2 installation is to give your PC a damn good clean out before installing. ;-)

  Jeffers22 11:20 22 Jan 2005

I'll treat the ignorance of that remark with the contempt it deserves. You need to engage whatever little brain you might have before making a post.

  big geof 11:39 22 Jan 2005

Many thanks every1 will give it a try

cheers geoff

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