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  iashem 13:29 09 Jan 2004

i foolishly tried to upgrade my machine and i was told on restart to put xp installation disc in machine the machine then tried to reinstall windows, i now have to choose which version of xp to load. Is there a way i can remove 1 of the the choices

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:32 09 Jan 2004

You have to edit the boot.ini file for dual boot.

  spikeychris 13:33 09 Jan 2004

1. Boot to the desired version of Windows XP you want to keep. Making note of the position in the boot menu. This will be important when you edit boot.ini.
2. Open a command prompt * and type "echo %windir%" without the quotes but with the %. This will give you the current Windows folder you are using.

3. From Explorer, delete the folder containing the installation you want to remove. The original install folder is usually called Windows and subsequent folders will be derivatives of Windows or Winnt.

4. From System Properties [Winkey+Pause/Break] > Advanced Tab > Statup and Recovery > Settings > Edit.

5. Select the Edit button and from notepad, first backup boot.ini, by going to File; Save As and rename boot.ini. to something like boot.inibak.

6. Remove the line referencing the installation not chosen; you made note of in step one.

7. Set timeout=0 so the system boots directly into Win XP (you will not get the boot menu).

8. Save As boot.ini & Exit.

9. Reboot.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:34 09 Jan 2004

witch is right click my comp select advanced then the bottom settings button then there is an edit button click that that shows your boot sequence,how you edit it depends on your setup.


  iashem 13:55 09 Jan 2004

thanks for your help

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