XP start up recycling

  jasg 12:10 26 Mar 2006

I'm having a problem with windows XP I think it may be a hardware problem but I cannot pin it down.

300 watt power
Gigabyte 7VAXP Main board.
512 Ram on two 256 mb sticks
Geoforce 5500 256mb Graphics
120gb Hard disk
XP Pro

First the problem... Start the computer goes through BIOS check ok windows splash screen appears and as this dissapears a quick flash of a blue screen and the computer resets itself with a power interupt back to the bios. If I let this run then the windows failed to start screen appears with the safe boot options. I can boot into safe mode.

This began yesterday after I connected a new Advent Keyboard via a powered USB hub but not straight away after about 5 hours of the key board being connected so I do not think this is the probelm.

So far (and this all happend in the early hours of the morning I know I should have walked away and tried this morning).

Firstly I changed the power supply. No different.
Tried everything I could think of in safe mode trying several different previous restore points, disk checking, uninstalling the keyboard software, changing the keyboard from a USB connection to a PS coneection all to no avail.

Finally decided to try a windows XP reinstall all to no avail, decided to do a fresh XP installation but kept getting errors of a major system error and this would not proceed so decided to try another harddisk with exactly the same errors. At 2 am gave a fesh install another go and yipee it worked, after this I installed MB drivers, USB drivers Sound Drivers AVG and Zonealarm and everything was fine with windows starting correctly every time.

Got up fuzzy eyed this morning turned on computer and you guessed it XP loading screen a flash of blue and back to BIOS. Once again fine in Safe mode.

Right thought I a hardware problem, disconnected everything, power, graphics card, memory, etc. etc. Reconnected it all, put the hardisk on a different channel put in 1 stick of memory in a different socket and tried again, same result.

Tried the other stick of memory in a different socket same problem. Booted fine once again into safe mode, decided to uninstall what I had installed last night in reverse order, so uninstalled zone alarm tried again and it boots fine and has been working for the past hour and with me rebooting about 15 times with no trouble.

Now i do not think for one minute that zone alarm is causing the problem and its probably some thing else. As i have had zone alarm installed for a year with no problems. Whats getting me confused is it hardware or software as I do not understand why it should boot into safe mode and not XP.

Any one any ideas?????

Wish I still ran windows 98!

  Smegs 15:34 26 Mar 2006

Hello Jasg, I think you may find it's ZONE ALARM.

I installed ZA PRO, rebooted the PC, got the same problem as you. But the error report was my G/Card. So I uninstalled ZA PRO and installed JUST Zone Alarm. It's been ok since then.

Not sure why Zone Alarm Pro should have that affect.

  Skills 15:35 26 Mar 2006

First thing I would say is to turn off the automatic restart function so you can read the blue screen error message which may well help track down the problem.

Do that from the advanced tab in my computer properties startup and recovery settings.

If its going into safe mode fine then I would think its a software problem rather than hardware, possible that its a driver or one program conflicting with another. If you're trying to track down a software glitch then the only way really is to start fresh and add in progs one at a time and let it run for a while until you find the offending item.

Seeing as the problems started when you added the hub and keyboard I would start there.

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