XP start up problem

  davecooper 18:22 16 Jun 2006

OS Windows XP on ACER Travelmate 2303LC Notebook.
During start up there is a system error message "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API". Clicking OK on this message causes machine to restart. Any help appreciated.

  Jimmy Splash 18:53 16 Jun 2006

press f1 when system is booting up and you'll be taken to a menu when you can resolve the problem

  woodchip 19:11 16 Jun 2006

I had this problem on my Medion Laptop, I went into BIOS and set APIC MODE SUPPORT to Enabled but You have to reload Windows after. It gave me 23 IRQ where 16 is the norm.

APIC Support
If the target has at least one IOAPIC (Input Output Advanced Interrupt Controller), RTTarget-32 applications can use it to replace the legacy i8259 interrupt controllers. In APIC mode, the interrupt processing overhead is lower and typically up to 24 (max. 32) IRQ lines are available, requiring less IRQ sharing. While multiprocessor applications always use APIC mode, single CPU programs can choose between the default legacy PIC mode and APIC mode.

click here

  davecooper 19:27 16 Jun 2006

Thanks for the help so far. I Didn't mention that error message header was Isass.exe - system error.
Not sure if this helps.

  woodchip 19:31 16 Jun 2006

You can check these out thay may be your problem click here

  VoG II 19:31 16 Jun 2006

click here

Sure it wasn't Lsass.exe?

  davecooper 19:35 16 Jun 2006

Sorry, my fault. It is a small L. It is indeed Lsass.

  SANTOS7 19:35 16 Jun 2006

click here
me think so too....

  davecooper 19:47 19 Jun 2006

I have at last managed to get the machine to start up at the command prompt mode. I managed to do this by switching the pc off a few times during boot up. This forced it to give me the start up options but any of the windows options caused the error to reappear. What is my best course of action now?

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