XP Start Up CD

  sibaw 12:49 07 May 2006

I have a Sony laptop, with only a CD drive and have XP Home on a partition of my C: drive, so do not have a XP install disk. How can I create a DOS CD start up disk from the files I have on my machine?

  mgmcc 13:10 07 May 2006

I'm not sure what you are wanting to do by booting into DOS, as XP doesn't use DOS or run on top of it as 95/98/ME do, but if you want a Windows 98SE "boot floppy" CD, email me via the envelope and I'll send you an image file from which to burn it - either a Nero .NRG file or an .ISO file.

  stylehurst 13:20 07 May 2006

Have a look at a site called ww.bootdisk.com
You will find all you need.
Alternatively you could buy an external floppy disk which plugs into your USB

  sibaw 13:58 07 May 2006

Thanks for your replies, I am grateful.

Over the year I have had this Sony Vaio, I have had to re-format the hard drive 8 times, so I bought Norton Ghost backup, but that did not restore the computer properly either. I did buy an external USB floppy drive, but that is not supported until windows boots.

So now I have the computer running OK, I have started XP in safe/command mode and copied all the windows files to an external drive, so that I can use them to restore the machine if/when it goes wrong again. But here is where I need to boot it up to use xcopy /s to restore the files in to the windows dreicty on the C: drive.

Hope that makes sense?

  DieSse 15:22 07 May 2006

What you are tring to do is very very very unlikely to work.

Invest in a proper imaging/cloning/backup program, like Acronis True Image.

You certainly should not be using xcopy anyway, as it contains logical flaws which can prevent it making exact copies under certain circumstances.

  woodchip 15:48 07 May 2006

Scroll down for XP boot disc,boot CD
click here

  terryf 16:28 07 May 2006

I also can recommend Acronis, I have only os and progs on c drive and have used acronis to back up an image to an ext usb drive, it only takes 15 mins to restore, effectively re-loading winxp and all my progs

  stylehurst 17:00 07 May 2006

Now understand exactly what you are trying to do.
Definitely would suggest following course of action.
Partition your HDD so that you only have system & program files on your C drive.
Put all your data files on a separate partition (say D)
It is possible to re partition your HDD without losing data using something like Acronis Partition Expert.
Use Acronis TrueImage to make an image of your C drive; also create a secure zone, and also create TrueImage Boot CD.
Terryf comments very true.

  sibaw 17:42 07 May 2006

thank you all I will get Acronis

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