XP stalls on start up

  stevedunham 19:36 20 Apr 2005

I'm using xp home with sp2 installed. when I start up it keeps stalling and won't progress without hitting the reset button. It took 9 restarts this time before it alowed me into safemode and eventually a normal start. In safe mode start I notivced it kept stopping at system32\drivers\amdagp.sys. Any suggestions?

Abit VA-20 motherboard
sempron 2400
512mb DDR PC2100 ram
Integrated UniChrome Pro graphics (on board)
Realtek ALC655 on board sound
17gb hard drive (oldest bit of the pc, approx 4yrs)

  woodchip 19:45 20 Apr 2005

Try this Go to Start\Run and type MSCONFIG go to startup tab and remove all ticks Make a note of what you remove. try restart but do not come on the Net without AV and Firewall running. If it starts OK the just put one tick back at a time and try comp, when you get to the one that's the Prob make a note and come back for info

  smudger100 19:45 20 Apr 2005

Hi stevedunham,

Not sure if this will help but have you tried just leaving your confuser for a while during a normal boot up to see if will get right through to full start up.

I had a similar problem after loading SP2 and I found that I was rebooting using reset button prematurely, and if I left it alone for 10 minutes or so it would boot right through.


  Dorsai 20:11 20 Apr 2005

My PC never, ever, successfully boots up from a restart, without many attempts, and visits to safe mode.

The problem is caused by the USB BB modem (two different modems, differnt makes, same behaviour).

It restarts fine if the modem is not plugged in.

It always hangs on restart if the modem is plugged in.

I have learned to live with it.

If a restart is required following software updates etc, I let the PC shutdown, then hit 'reset' to do a hardware reset, as soon as it starts booting back up, but before windows starts trying to reload. Works every time.

I think the problem lies somewhere in the USB hardware failing to issue a proper 'reset' command to the modem, the USB hardware failing to reset properly it's self, or the modem failing to properly obey a 'reset' command.

So the modem and/or usb does not reset properly. XP gets so far during boot, and then sits there waiting for the USB side of things to 'boot' but the USB side has failed to reset, so does not 'boot.'

XP waits for ever, as the USB side has HUNG, and will never boot.

I suspect.

  stevedunham 23:06 20 Apr 2005

That sounds plausable, next time it happens I'll try a reboot minus the modem (USB Thomson from Wanadoo)and let you know

  stevedunham 19:45 21 Apr 2005

Woodchip, tried the msconfig route and only have "ctfmon" a system file ticked and it still stalls. Tried Dorsai's modem trick and that worked, may be coincidental this time, only time will tell unless someone knows otherwise?

  winterstarling 20:08 21 Apr 2005

used to have the same prob. after all updates (xp and norton,these updates caused big problems with restart) shut down for five minutes then re-booted rather than re-start.

the problem seemed to resolve itself and touch wood none since.

  Mr Beeline 22:19 21 Apr 2005


My PC has started to do this on occasion as well. I agree with smudger100, sometimes if you just leave it... it will finally boot up properly to the desk top. Now and again it will "play its little tune" after selecting the account to login and just sit there.. when it does finally go to the desktop, I get the desktop back ground... but nothing else (IE. no icons etc. etc.). Then it takes a soft restart to kick it into life.

One time it did fail with a proper Windows error message (don't ask me what) and when I submitted it to Micrsoft for analysis, it said something like "problem known about and a rsultion should be available at some point blah blah blah).

I think this started after one of the numerous system updates that Microsoft pass one to us was inatalled. Not a clue which, as they seem to come in batches of half a dozen at a time these days!!!

Does not appear to be fatal (yet!). So TBC as they say.

My PC is otherwise update with all software / hardware patches, so I don't think it's just my machine etc.

Life.... what would we do without computers?


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