XP and sp3 again

  exdragon 08:27 12 Jul 2010

I marked my earlier problem as resolved, but it isn't, so I've started a new one.

I've downloaded sp3 on to a CD but when I try to run it in safe mode, the file can't be read. I had the antivirus turned off but as one of the options was to let Windows find a way of opening the file, I turned it on again. I couldn't connect to the internet.

I've found out that I must have downloaded it earlier, as its sitting around waiting to be installed - however, in other posts, there are reports of problems with it hanging before the installation finishes, so should I try it?

  onthelimit 08:39 12 Jul 2010

The last time I added SP3, it did seem to hang at a point 'cleaning up files' or similar. I left it for several hours and it did complete by itself. The HDD lamp was flashing during this period which made me think something was happening, even though it took ages.

  exdragon 08:48 12 Jul 2010

Thanks - I'm glad you said that, I get impatient after 10 minutes of apparent inactivity!

  Taff™ 08:59 12 Jul 2010

Not sure why you`re trying to install it in safe mode but switching off AV is good. I installed SP3 onto a machine on Saturday and from start to finish it took 2 hours but as onthelimit says it does seem to hang n the cleaning up phase and finishing installation - only the HDD activity light is a clue.

  exdragon 10:37 12 Jul 2010

Taff™ - it was a suggestion in either my earlier post or in one of the several others which have sprung up in this forum and Absolute Beginners!

Any idea why the CD won't run?

  onthelimit 10:50 12 Jul 2010

Did you download an ISO file?

  exdragon 11:09 12 Jul 2010

Yes, it was from a link given previously. Is it the wrong one?

  onthelimit 11:20 12 Jul 2010

I will wait for the more knowlegable to respond but, as I understand it ISO files need different treatment to a 'normal' download. This from another site.

'Are you trying to install using the .iso? If so, that won't work. You
need a burner that will pull the files out of the .iso and create the
full set of files. ISO is like a zip file compression; the files need
to be unzipped out of the iso file in order to be run. I'm pretty sure
Nero can pull the files from an iso image and burn them to a disk.'

  ronalddonald 11:45 12 Jul 2010

Told you b4 tell you again use linux mint.

  exdragon 13:40 12 Jul 2010

ronalddonald - thank you once again for a considered and helpful comment.

  realist 19:10 12 Jul 2010

You need to burn the iso file to a cd using something like (free) Deepburner click here then simply run the cd.

I used this method to install SP3 and as far as I can recall it completed successfully in about an hour or less.

If your pc has an AMD processor install KB953356 before SP3 click here

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