tony-guitar 19:20 17 Aug 2009

Hi, I've just installed SP3 on my XP computer, but i'm still running IE6. Earlier today, another forum member suggested IE7 instead of IE8 which is fine but having just gone back onto MS update site again it now shows a further 34 updates!! including IE8!!. How do you de-select any of these updates? Thanks, Tony

  john bunyan 19:27 17 Aug 2009

On the MS update site you can select the Custom option and only download the updates you want. However in theory it should only offer you what it thinks you need! Maybe use the custom option and do a few at a time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:28 17 Aug 2009

use the custom install option to deselect certain updates and then in the next prompt select not to be reminded again.

  GaT7 19:37 17 Aug 2009

Many of those will be critical security updates, & I'd strongly recommend not deselecting any of these.

"and then in the next prompt select not to be reminded again." - do no such thing unless you can ascertain what they are first. I realise it's easily undone, but you may forget to return to do this. G

  tony-guitar 20:32 17 Aug 2009

Forum member 'Clapton is God' previously suggested that a high percentage of forum members currently dislike IE8 due to it not being fully 'sorted', preferring IE7 instead. Thats why i wanted to de-select it from the list, installing IE7 now, and IE8 when any bugs have been ironed out. I just can't believe that after installing SP3 there are still so many updates! - Tony

  GaT7 20:35 17 Aug 2009

Many updates since SP3, as the latter came out more than a year ago. G

  tony-guitar 14:13 18 Aug 2009

Hi, i've come across an annoyance after my SP3 installation. The scroll wheel on my mouse, which used to 'click' up or down my preset number of lines, now does it as a 'page-refresh' type of effect. Its an odd visual thing and we don't like it - preferring the old jerky system of scroll. Any ideas how to get back to its old ways? Unless i've missed something, the Mouse in control panel doesn't offer any help. Thanks - Tony

  DieSse 14:23 18 Aug 2009

Sounds like a graphics driver issue - that can give poor quality, ultra slow scrolling, which manifests itself like you describe.

  tony-guitar 15:25 18 Aug 2009

Hi DieSse, after installing SP3 yesterday, i did get an error box come up regarding my ATI graphics card although i don't remember what it said. However, the screen defaulted to its lowest quality resolution (huge text and icons etc) and error message as i recall, was related to that. After fixing that, the screen quality is perfect - just as before. So far i've only noticed the mouse scroll problem. Is there a fix do you know? Thanks again - Tony

  DieSse 16:09 18 Aug 2009

"After fixing that, the screen quality is perfect"

How did you fix it?

Now, I'm even more convinced you've got a driver issue. The quality of a picture is not the issue - it's the speed at which the picture redraws after it's shifted upwards a line or two (that's what scrolling forces it to do).

Bad, or wrong, or missing drivers make the redraws very slow, giving the effect you describe.

Look for the latest drivers for your card on the ATI site, uninstall any drivers already there, and install the latest ones.

  Audio~~Chip 16:10 18 Aug 2009

just click the Plus Symbol next to the Internet Explorer 8 then another little box will show and you can Hide the IE8 from your list.

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