XP sp2 needs to be shut down twice

  martynd 23:39 11 Oct 2005

When i shut down my laptop running XP home sp2 i have to shut down twice ?

  Taff36 06:50 12 Oct 2005

click here It could be many things so work your way through this MS Knowledge Base article.

  Taff36 09:20 18 Oct 2005

Did this work for you or are you experiencing problems still.

  wee eddie 09:41 18 Oct 2005

Can you describe exactly what appears to be happening?

  martynd 14:01 18 Oct 2005

when i shut down the 1st time the screen darkens and my mcaffee anti virus icon turns black indicating that it has switched off and mio toolbox which i have running on my desk top also appears to switch off then the screen brightens again and i shut down a 2nd time and it shuts down O.K ? I looked through the data base recomended by Taff36 but i could'nt find any help there ?

  wee eddie 19:34 18 Oct 2005

Then > Start > Turn Off Computer.

A Pop-up will open Centre Screen, this gives you three options > chose Turn Off.

Is that your normal procedure first time around?

Sometimes there can be quite a time between the first "Turn Off" and the Second, as Windows puts everything to bed.

  martynd 20:38 18 Oct 2005

I turned off mio tool box then shut down as normal and everything works fine.
I did'nt think to turn off mio tool box before as it starts up on boot up and works in the background i assumed it would switch off on shut down. thanks for your help, martyn.

  martynd 20:48 18 Oct 2005

Every time i boot up the mail server has changed to I have contacted my provider and they say that they think that my anti virus software is the cause, i am using mcafee and have been for 12 months + the problem is quite recent

  Taff36 07:43 19 Oct 2005

Start a new thread with your last problem. It`s completely different and now that this post is resolved it won`t attract attention. Also give us a bit more info about your set up in terms of the mailserver and any other computers on the network.

  PaulB2005 08:05 19 Oct 2005
  Taff36 08:10 19 Oct 2005

Whoops - missed that one. Thanks PaulB2005.

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