Dellman 09:41 14 Sep 2004

I have just ordered a PC from MESH. Athlon 64 +3000 operating with XP Home Edition. I have read of late in here of conflict problems between SP2 and A64 chip PCs.
Are these problems just affecting MESH PCs?
Can anyone explain to me what SP2 is/does?
I take it that MESH PCs are not shipped with this version of XP installed?
Sorry for the questions, but should I be worried if I elect not to take SP2 update?
Or should I consider getting a P4 chip machine instead?


  temp003 10:27 14 Sep 2004

I don't know what problem(s) you've read about, so I may be talking about something else.

One potential problem I've read is Athlon64's NX (NoExecute) function, which prevents buffer overrun through hardware, the CPU itself.

I think Windows supports it for the 1st time in SP2, which is called DEP (Data Execution Prevention).

Sometimes XP SP2 may misinterpret what's going on and stop a legitimate program from running properly. As far as I remember from what I read, SP2's default settings do not allow you to exclude DEP in relation to a particular program.

If that happens, check whether the particular program has an update which resolves the bug.

If not, and you can't do without the program, you can either turn off the NX function in BIOS (if the option is available). If the option is not available, then you can edit the C:\boot.ini file, and change the boot option/parameter from:






It seems that the optout option allows you to create a list of processes to be excluded from DEP, but I'm not clear about this at all.

Have a read click here

But ultimately I don't think it's a real problem.

  [email protected] 13:54 14 Sep 2004

Hi Dellman. I have a Mesh [xp3000+] just over 1yr old. Downloaded SP2 ready to install.Instructions say backup first.Backup is not installed by default in XP Home.Go to disc supplied with/by Mesh and find "Do not open without explicit instructions from Mesh Support" all over wrapper.Contact Mesh who gave permission to open and use "to install Backup facility. They advised not to install SP2 because of "bugs".Read on this forum about creating a restore point etc, so having taken all precautions and advice, installed SP2. Guess what happened - Nothing. Everything works OK. Follow the XP SP2 special forum [top left of page] then go for it. I am not particulary informed about CPU technology but wouldnt think a fundamental OS security upgrade would cause problems in that area! and remember, you can always uninstall it.

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