cobweblil 02:25 08 Feb 2005

Ive just bought a new pc n it has XP SP2 on it already...can anyone tell me how to get rid of it n get my SP1 back?

  JIM 03:18 08 Feb 2005

your making me smile at this time in the morning.
Wish i had new pc with XP SP2 on it.:)

Dont think you will mate bar a reinstall of the older edition of winxp.(swap you)? ;)

  Jackcoms 08:03 08 Feb 2005

Why on earth do you want to get rid of SP2.

Is your PC running OK?

Do you appreciate the improved security of SP2?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  wx622 08:48 08 Feb 2005

This MS KB article may help:
click here

  Stuartli 11:12 08 Feb 2005

You would be very foolish to uninstall SP2, which also includes SP1 - the comparatively few doom and gloom SP2 merchants should be ignored.

Far better to check for the updates to SP2 that followed its release last year and install them.

All the security features, such as Windows Firewall, can be disabled if you already have ZoneAlarm or similar utilities.

  cobweblil 12:03 08 Feb 2005

thanks u guys...think i'll persevere n see how it goes...its been ok so far "touch wood" but it caused a lot of probs on my last pc n i found SP1 a lot better

  Stuartli 12:25 08 Feb 2005

There may/must have already been problems on your last system to have had trouble with SP2.

I've installed it on several systems including my own and it has been troublefree; my son, an IT support specialist, has beaten my total by several thousands...:-)

  Andsome 14:14 08 Feb 2005

SP2 as far as I am concerned is the best thing since sliced bread. If the PC has been delivered complete with SP2, then LUCKY YOU. Would you buy a brand new car, then take off the tyres and replace them with cheap foreign ones??????

  cobweblil 14:22 08 Feb 2005

Stuartli..u dont know how right u are...I had the old pc for almost 3 years..i got it from a so called reliable company n within 2 weeks of purchase it had crashed..i had to restore more than 30 times in just over a year n this company didnt want to know..they kept telling me it was a virus even tho they hadnt seen the machine..Trading Standards forced them to send out an engineer n as i knew all along there was no sign of any viruses..the machine was just a dud..Id love to name this company n warn ppl to keep away but i know I wont be allowed..anyway this pc is still going with no probs since me last post...so maybe it was the old pc like u said...thanks

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