Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 21:41 03 Apr 2004

Just installed this and after initial hickup(couldnt get the system to boot)seems to be working ok,just 2 things do i need to dlaod and install all the updates some of them say they shouldnt be installed on main pc,and second where the hell is the uninstaller for SP2?just incase i need to remove it, i can find it its not in add/remove.


  dfghjkl 22:13 03 Apr 2004

no uninstall,but what about system restore?i have downloaded it but not yet installed it,so i am curious as to the problems you had,and wether system restore would be sufficient?any one else had problems?

  duckers 22:18 03 Apr 2004

Calm down dear, its only a beta version.....
Dont waste your time installing this unless you want hassle later on, wait for the final version to come out. One thing SP2 does it add some new security protocols (for wireless especially) and turns them all on by default so if your using a wireless network now you may have to fiddle with settings and stuff to get it working again.

  hugh-265156 22:18 03 Apr 2004

im waiting until its been tested :-)

  TommyRed 22:39 03 Apr 2004

snap, if it ain't broke............... TR

  powerless 00:20 04 Apr 2004

It is broke that is why MS decided to create 200 odd MB of a service pack.

Drive image is useful when there is no uninstall.

I bet i'm the one that said it could be unistalled right? :-((( from: click here

  phoenix198 00:52 04 Apr 2004

XP SP2 can be uninstalled from "Add or Remove Programs". Just click the box marked "Show Updates" and it appears as Windows XP Service Pack 2".

Incidentally, I've had it installed since 21 Mar and have found it to be exceptionally stable and bug free for a BETA - no crashes amd only minor incompatibilities with some pretty obscure system utilities and skinning programmes.

  Cesar 10:54 04 Apr 2004

Windows Service Pack 2 will not be released till June? what you have are beta versions and probably a lot of it will be scrapped when the final version is released.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:01 04 Apr 2004

It can be uninstalled and there was no problems as such just a few hickups the security feature is about the only thing ive noticed as yet that seems to have changed apart from a few icons here and there but its running ok now its been set up,and it seems stable enough and the patches
it sorts those itself so i needent have worried.


  duckers 15:49 04 Apr 2004

Its a bit foolish installing beta software really,, especially when its into the core of your computer, the OS....

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