XP SP 3 on CD: Will PCA Be issuing a freebie?

  six-h 21:46 31 May 2008

Possibly one for Richard Clooke!
I am hanging on, running a mortally wounded OS at the moment, and would appreciate knowing if one is likely to be available soon ....from any source to ensure that I have a clean and uncorrupted copy before trying yet another Factory reset!

  Eric10 21:57 31 May 2008

See the response from Software Ed in this previous thread. click here

  six-h 22:12 31 May 2008

Looks like it will be a while, if at all.
What made me ask, is that my local PC shop said they had been approached (By whom I know not) to stock it on CD, but declined since they had been left with many copies of the SP2 CD after several mags issued it as a freebie.

Bit of a nuisance since I don't trust my machine at present to download a clean copy.

  rdave13 22:25 31 May 2008

click here
Bit bigger than the update version but still the only 'stand-alone' version.
I saved to desktop and burnt to CD. Extracted and installed.
Not without problems at first, still this version can be uninstalled from add/remove.

  six-h 22:31 31 May 2008

since I don't trust my PC at present, I would like it on a commercially produced CD.

Seems that is too much to hope for from those at MS intent on world domination with Vista!!

  rdave13 22:55 31 May 2008

Don't know how delicate your PC is at the moment.
With Vista I downloaded the same type of SP, ie SP1 for the professionals, recommended not for a single PC. Saved to desktop then burnt that to DVD.
Disconnected net and disabled ALL security progs. Stopped other programs such as link scanner etc.
Auto extracted SP1 and ran and no problems.
With XP tried auto update with everything going and disaster very nearly.
Up to you and I know it's a bigger program but it's legit and you can uninstall this version. Download it anyway and burn to disc as you don't know if that site will be withdrawn for some reason.
Up to now the only stand-alone version from Microsoft. Best of luck but if you stop most running programs I can't see you having major problems...hopefully.
Backup everything if you decide to to try it as an insurance.
Luck :)

  six-h 23:06 31 May 2008

I think you're right.
I will d/l it and burn to disc, as a fallback.
Problem is I'm not yet sure what is up with my machine.
Could be a software conflict, failing hardware, or even some elusive malware, any of which could, as I understand, make the disc suspect so I'll continue to live in hope of a professionally produced CD.

  rdave13 23:42 31 May 2008

OK. Bear in mind though that if SP3 loads successfuly then your restore points starts from that installation. Windows splash screen remains the same (with the blue loading blocks) but 'staggers' to fully loading instead of instant. Had a near heart attack when I first cured the problems I had thinking more problems on the way.
Everything fine though.

  six-h 00:09 01 Jun 2008

If I feel confident that the D/L of SP3 is OK, I'll be doing a Factory reset to XP SP1, then installing SP3 right on top missing out SP2 completely, so my restore points will be shot to hell anyway!!
Don't understand when you say - "Windows splash screen remains the same (with the blue loading blocks) but 'staggers' to fully loading instead of instant."
Can't imagine that I could have any more problems than I've already got!!

  rdave13 00:35 01 Jun 2008

Probably my incapability of descriptive terminology.
As a matter of fact never passed too many 'ologys' at school...
When XP loads to the screen when you have the blue 'blocks', for want of a better word, showing it's loading then pre SP3 the screen was instant. (splash screen) After SP3 the screen loads 'stutteringly' if you know what I mean. Then fully loaded the loading blocks continue and you're at desktop.
Going to factory settings with SP1 and installing SP3 will take some time and I wish you well. According to Microsoft you only need SP1 then upgrade to SP3.

  rdave13 00:46 01 Jun 2008

PS, remember to load your drivers from the original motherboard disc.

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