XP shuts down with USB connected

  andrew-194461 17:28 17 Aug 2004

Having updated (if thats the right word) to XP (home) I found that the start up shut down as soon as the USB connected to either the hub or to a single device was detected BUT the other USB port connected to BT broadband works OK
If I try to start up with all any or even one USB operated device apart from the broadband connection then startup stalls @ the moment it detects the USB device and thats it dead as a dodo

If I unplug the USB hub or anything connected to the USB (apart from the BT modem for broad band) then is starts up OK and if I then plug in the other USB to anything whatever I connect works.

If I switch off and then restart the same problem occurs and as before disconnect the second USB port restart and then reconnect and all is well

What am I doing wrong?

Help appreciated


  Dorsai 17:38 17 Aug 2004

this seems to be a fairly common problem with XP stalling during startup, shut-down or somtimes both.

Maybe SP2 will solve it?

i have two USb BB modems. One causes the PC to stall during start up AND shutdown (and fails to work 1/2 the time too) the other causes the PC to freze during shut down. I have yet to find a solution. SO i just leave the PC turned on 24/7.

  andrew-194461 17:43 17 Aug 2004

thanks dorsai

I tend to do that as well

but i really don't like it not working as it should


  Dorsai 17:58 17 Aug 2004

I would like to get it going right too. I have a naggins suspicion it is a case of XP trying to do things in the wrong order.

As step one has not yet been done, step 2 (which XP is trying to do first) hangs, waiting for step one to finish, and Xp is waiting for step 2 to finish, so it can move on to step one. Just a suspicion, and i am probably wrong.

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