XP Shut Down

  hoverman 18:29 29 Jan 2003

Over the last couple of days, each time I go to 'Turn Off' or 'Restart' some of the icons on the right hand side of the taskbar disappear and nothing else happens. If I then select 'Turn Off' or 'Restart' a second time the system performs as it should. Not a real problem but I am puzzled as to why 'Turn Off' or 'Restart' does not work the first time they are clicked on.

  barrie_g 18:41 29 Jan 2003

Try defraging the hard drive it sometimes helps with my pc when nothing much seems to be wrong, usually with my pc its the sound that goes funny?

  hoverman 19:03 29 Jan 2003

Problem has been traced to Ad-Watch 3.0 which was installed with Ad-Aware Plus 6 yesterday. If Ad-Watch is terminated first then the system will 'Turn Off' or 'Restart' at the first attempt. Has anyone else experienced this? I will e-mail Lavasoft for their comments.

  hoverman 19:37 29 Jan 2003

Will close this thread and open another for Ad-Watch.

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