XP - Shared Folders - Password Protect?

  webber_man 02:14 28 Feb 2005

Hi - basically is it possible to password protect certain shared folders using Windows XP?

  mattyc_92 11:20 28 Feb 2005

No... You can set "permissions" so that only a group of users or a certaian user(s) can access the folder and files...

To password protect a folder, you will have to use third party software.... Lock Folder XP seems to have some good features... click here

  ventanas 11:35 28 Feb 2005

Lots of "ifs" here. Are you using XP Pro or Home. Is your hard drive fat32 or ntfs?

  webber_man 15:23 28 Feb 2005

Thanks mattyc_92

I have 3 machines - 2 running XP Home 1 running XP pro.

I want to be able to share only certain folders from each of the PC's with certain 'users' - e.g. desktop 1 has users A, B and C assigned and i only want user C to be able to access a folder on desktop 2. I want the folder to be 'shared' as i want the other user to acces it.

Is this possibile within XP Home/Pro?

  mattyc_92 16:24 28 Feb 2005

XP Pro is the best for this, as Home doesn't include some of the "advanced" security options that Pro has....

You may be able to use the "permissions" option by restarting in Safe Mode and right-clicking a folder/file/drive and click properties->permissions... Just change the permissions and thats it, restart system into normal mode and test it...

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