XP SERVICE PACK 2 .....should I ??

  RKMonty 20:59 14 May 2005

I maybe careful or just a coward...but I haven't installed SP2 yet.
I am about to try tonight....just a few questions that you maybe able to help with.
I have NORTON Internet Security...which I believe I have to turn off ?? before I load from a CD ?? is this correct...
I have Spy Sweeper...do I have to turn this off and do I need to check pc using Lavasoft Adaware before installing SP2 ??
I do already have some Windows Updates to install....should I do these first or SP2 first ??
Finally.....or would it be best just to load all latest updates and SP2 direct from microsoft site......??
Yep me thinks I'm a coward !! any help or tips from you pc friends would be gratefully appreciated..thanks

  mattyc_92 21:02 14 May 2005

Hi, I have NIS2005 and LavaSoft Ad-Aware installed, and I just installed SP2 over the top without changing anything..... I didn't seem to have any problems, but a couple of days later I did format my system because of a "dodgy" program was installed onto the system (i don't even know how to this day.... :-()

Anyways, I may have had some problems, but didn't have enough time to notice them....

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  stalion 21:04 14 May 2005

turn off your anti-virus and use the cd if you decide to install sp2 go here and read ( What you should know before installing sp2)
click here

  Joe R 21:08 14 May 2005


I installed sp2, almost as soon as it was available, and since then have installed it on at least another dozen machines, with no problems whatsoever.

If you read the installation procedure for almost any software, you will find that the majority, if not all, require no other windows programs to be running.

I would also suggest that XP, is not at it's most secure without this update. ( especially I.E. )

  Meshuga 21:09 14 May 2005

RK Monty. I have put sp2 on 2 PC`s without any problem and did not turn off Norton. It would not hurt to run scans 1st . If you`re installing from disk it wouldnt hurt to disconnect from phone line until you want to download anything but i believe the updates are on the disk. Not totally sure about that last bit.

  mattyc_92 21:11 14 May 2005

The disk has only got the WinXP SP2 with no latest updates (at least this was how mine was when it came through the post)

  rômanab 21:22 14 May 2005

The only thing I would turn off would be any real time registry monitoring such as MS Antispy and Spybot tea timer. I left tea timer on and had to click ok to about a thousand S+D pop ups :o)

Apart from that it installed flawlessly.

  stalion 21:27 14 May 2005

if you go to the link I posted it tells you to install the updates first have a read it answers all your questions

  stalion 21:27 14 May 2005

sorry last post should have been to RKMonty

  Strawballs 21:30 14 May 2005

Go ahead because you won't be able to buy a new machine or copy of XP without SP2 on it anymore,
I just bought an OEM XP Pro for a machine I have just built and it came with SP2 intergrated on it.

  Ancient Learner 22:06 14 May 2005

I hope that RKMonty will excuse me. The OEM XP Pro, might I ask where you obtained it and the cost, and do you know if Drivers for SATA HDDs were included along with SP2. I would like to install this but I don't want a mess with my SATA disks.

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