jonski 14:50 08 Feb 2003

Hi folks...was just wondering if there is any way, or any website that will allow me to download service pack 1 for XP that i can put onto a cd, as i`ve just built a new comp that i don`t want to connect to the net..any suggestions would be appreciated...thanx...

  tarkus 14:57 08 Feb 2003

you can get sevice pack 1 from the official windows xp mag. but i have to ask why don't you want the new pc to connect to the net, using a pirate copy or somthing or the same cd that you've got on another pc. sorry if i'm wrong but i'm a bit suspisious about questeons like this.

  mikef™ 15:01 08 Feb 2003

Go to click here and you can either download, save to desktop and then copy to a CD or order a free CD.

  jonski 15:03 08 Feb 2003

simple answer tarkus...my other pc is already connected via cable modem...with ntl cable u get to register 5 different comps...i`m on my 5th already...plus..i don`t want to screw up the settings with my networking..i`ve already tried using 2 nic cards and had nothing but probs...and no...the software is not "dodgy"...shame on ya for thinking such a thing..

  tarkus 15:08 08 Feb 2003

sorry if you thought i was accusing you of using dodgy software but with so many people trying to you do get a bit suspisous

  jonski 15:11 08 Feb 2003

no probs tarkus....and thanks mikef..just what i was looking for..:)

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