xp security - administrator password?

  georgemac 19:24 03 Jun 2004

I have just come home to find that my teenage daughter has installed kazza on my pc while I have been away at work.

Using system restore, ad-aware & spybot I think I have got rid of all of the nasties, but I want to stop her doing anything like this again (I had warned her previously after an install of win-mx to no avail!).

When I installed xp I left the administrator password blank. I do not want to have to logon each time I start the PC, but is there any way that I can ensure that I am the only one who can install or uninstall software on the pc?

Thanks for any advice

  spanneress 19:27 03 Jun 2004

Go into user accounts and take away her privalidges as a user, so that she can read and write and save files / docs etc but cannot access system files or download anything.

HAve you removed Kazaar completely? I would if I were you..I make more money out of peoples PC's being contaminated after that being installed than anything else on an ad-hoc basis!

Shes *does* have a seperate user account to you right

  VoG II 19:44 03 Jun 2004

Suggest that you run KazaaBegone click here - read the warning!

  Spanglish 19:52 03 Jun 2004

I have three of them , and Yes I have to log on with password, it is the only way to ensure ( 100%) that Her/they do not load download anything they should not.

  Gaz 25 20:08 03 Jun 2004

xp pro is your best bet mate! Xp home can do it but its not as good as XP pro permissions.

  Gaz 25 20:10 03 Jun 2004

xp pro is your best bet mate! Xp home can do it but its not as good as XP pro permissions.

  georgemac 06:02 04 Jun 2004

have downloaded kazzabegone and some of the other utilities from the site VoG - will run them later - off for the day.

Gaz 25 I have xp pro - any advice on how to set up permissions.

She does not have her own user account but I will create one for her, and my son.

  ventanas 08:30 04 Jun 2004

Set them up as restricted users. Will be able to use programs, and save files, but not install or change any settings.

  georgemac 23:20 04 Jun 2004

changes now made, thanks to all who replied

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