XP searches - duplicated results.

  Brazils 21:57 24 Jan 2003

I have noticed that when I do a search in XP for certain files (images for example), XP duplicates the results, i.e two of each image thumbnail.

I was thinking that this may be because it searches 'My Pictures' and then my 'C Drive' which obviously also includes the folder already searched.

I hope it's not just me this happens to!

  PurplePenny 22:10 24 Jan 2003

I've just tried it and it happens to me too. Exactly the same file info for each thunbnail. How bizarre.


  Brazils 22:22 24 Jan 2003

I wonder what Microsoft's reasoning behind this is? Surely it's not an oversight!

The searches are very fast on my PC, so unless I stop the search quickly, I'll get the duplicates!

Bizarre indeed!

  sarah01 21:15 25 Jan 2003

I'm glad I'm not the only one confused by this. When I search for pics, I get two. But if I search for files (the same pics), I only get one of each. Do you think it's to do with the thum nails in the picture folder?


  Brazils 20:58 26 Jan 2003

I'm sure it's because you specify 'Pictures' in the search. It searches the picture folders first and then the whole drive, which also contains the folder searched first, so it lists them again.
If you specify 'files' it must just search the hard drive and therefore only finds the files once.
I hope this makes sense?

  sarah01 21:23 26 Jan 2003

Good thinking. You are probably right.


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