XP Search bubble deflated!!

  snoopy619 12:52 03 Jan 2003
  snoopy619 12:52 03 Jan 2003

I have a fault which prevents the Explorer search programme from running. The little dog appears with a very flat and empty bubble, where the search info usually goes. An info pane tells me a file 'may be missing', although running SFC did not report this.

I did a Restore a while back and all was returned to normal.

I haven't installed any programmes since, so any ideas out there??

I often manage to hang XP where CTRL Alt Del does nothing even after waitng 10 mins or more. I have to kill the power and start again. Could this be the cause?

  ©®@$ђ ‹(•¿•)› 13:05 03 Jan 2003

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