XP says HDD is Full - but it's not !

  Inside Edge 22:54 12 Nov 2009

Hi, ....any ideas on this one?

I'm running Win XP SP2 on a MESH PC with 1TB internal HDD. I tried to move some video files - about 4GB in total - from the internal HDD to a 500GB external HDD and XP reported that there was insufficient space and that I should delete some unwanted stuff to make room.

However, both Win Explorer and Acronis Disk Director show that there is 281GB of free space on the drive in a formatted, primary partition. I can move the files to another folder on the internal HDD.

It's got me foxed. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, .....thanks

  I am Spartacus 23:22 12 Nov 2009

The external drive is probably formatted as FAT32 and can't read files over 4GB. You could format it as NTFS but you'll lose what's already on there.

You may be able to convert it rather than format it to to NTFS but I've never tried it on an external drive so not sure if it works click here

  Inside Edge 23:51 12 Nov 2009

....you're dead right it is FAT32 ! ...hadn't noticed that - eeyore. I think it was pre-formatted when I bought it (only 9 months ago, so it's not old). I didn't dream it wouldn't be NTFS on a modern bit of kit. It's got my drive images on it so reformatting isn't ideal but I can make an NTFS partition on it in the free space so that ought to sort me out.

Thanks very much for the swift reply.

  woodchip 23:59 12 Nov 2009

I think all USB external Drives are Fat32 when New

  woodchip 00:01 13 Nov 2009

I think all USB external Drives are Fat32 when New

PS I think it may be that Fat32 is a faster transfer speed to work with

  Batch 11:32 13 Nov 2009

You can convert FAT32 to NTFS on an existing partition (without losing data). See

click here

click here

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