XP repair option

  wotbus@ 15:06 26 Jan 2007

Why is it I don't have this option? Why is it an option and not standard on all discs? Is it something to do with the year of the OS disc?
Why am I asking this question ;-)?
I have a need to try to get my PC back to normal and I would like to try the repair option but I don't have it :-(

  VoG II 15:07 26 Jan 2007
  wotbus@ 15:14 26 Jan 2007

Thanks VoG™. Just about the only website I never visited. I was certain I followed all the instructions to the letter and came to the conclusion, as one site suggested I may not have the option, that I didn't have the option. I will give it another go and thanks for the speedy reply ;-)

  skidzy 15:15 26 Jan 2007

And here,very handy page to have click here

  wotbus@ 15:21 26 Jan 2007

Thanks skidzy. Noted.
Is there a site which tells you why PC's just cease to hackle? The evening it's brilliant, stable, been like it for months, then in the morning it won't boot. It comes up with the Sorry Windows didn't start up properly page, NONE of the option work (safe/last known/normal) etc. It tries then up comes a Checkdisk page which I allow. Completes that then reboots to the Sorry page again. I can get into Setup no problem and booting from disc no problem but I sure would like to know whats upset it ;-)

  skidzy 15:26 26 Jan 2007

System restore to a known good date when all worked ok ?

Repair system files:

I take it you have run sfc ?
Start/Run and type
sfc /scannow (note the space /)
Understanding sfc click here

Apologies if this has been tried.You may need your windows disc if not preinstalled on a hidden partition.

  wotbus@ 15:34 26 Jan 2007

I am unable to get into the OS to do an SFC or Sys Restore skidzy. Having just read up on the Repair I think I should backup what's on the HDD but this will be a bit time consuming as the HDD is SATA and my spare PC doesn't support it so a quick copy is out. I do have a spare 20G ATA onto which I can plonk the OS then when I re-connect the SATA drive it should show up as either a slave or additional drive. I will then be in a position to transfer quite a lot of data to my spare PC which has more than enough spare space.
It all sounds a bit time consuming but I don't want to risk losing any data.

  skidzy 15:37 26 Jan 2007

"The evening it's brilliant" apologies i must have misread the post.

  wotbus@ 15:52 26 Jan 2007

No problem, I have done it myself.
Just made a cuppa and sketched out my plan. I would be happy if you or anyone else following this thread would check it for flaws:
Sick PC is SATA HDD with lots of data.
I disconnect the SATA HDD, fit a spare 20G ATA drive and install OS (just the minimum, no updates etc). Reconnect SATA HDD which will show up as either slave or additional storage. I now have access to the data.
Transfer this data to my spare PC via data link cable.
Sick PC. Disconnect 20g ATA HDD, reconnect SATA HDD, boot from OS CD and do the repair install.

  wotbus@ 17:14 26 Jan 2007

Hmmm, gone a bit quiet! I realise I will have the same OS on 2 HDD's and wouldn't want anyone to condone this situation, but it's only temporary and in order to get access to my data. The spare will be erased afterwards as I have no further use for it except as a spare.

  wotbus@ 19:23 26 Jan 2007

OK. All went well until I tried to install my data link cable - there is no way I can get it to work. It's a USB2 Superlink cable which

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