xp reload problem

  mettis 12:26 01 Feb 2005

Although boot sequence is changed and i get to reboot in 10 seconds screen of reload disc after countdown windows xp loads instead of being able to reformat hd

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 12:37 01 Feb 2005

on the countdown press any key to boot from cdrom
if you dont it will load xp normally

  mettis 14:19 02 Feb 2005

Thanks for response but this does not work I still cannot get to screen to be able to reformat hard drive as xp loads

  X-treme 15:21 02 Feb 2005

are u trying to boot from cd to use the tools?

  X-treme 15:31 02 Feb 2005

are you sure your cd drive is working?

  X-treme 15:35 02 Feb 2005

check your bios to see if you have quick boot enabled.
if you need info on how to disable it do a search for "disable quick boot"

  mettis 15:39 02 Feb 2005

Booting from reload cd supplied by computor maker get the initial screen off cd but when I press r as instructed get countdown of ten after which xp boots.No problems with either of drives that I have both working normally

  X-treme 15:47 02 Feb 2005

can you get into the boot from cd options

  X-treme 16:10 02 Feb 2005

it seems to me that you are using a automatic recovery cd instead of a microsoft xp disk..

when you insert the xp disk it will ask you to press any key to boot from cd, from there you will see 3 options:
1:to set up windows xp press enter
2:to repair a windows xp installation using recovery console press R
3:to quit setup press f3

if you want to format your hd you should press enter for option 1
it will then ask you toread the licence and then press f8.
it will then give you to options to choose from:
to repair or to install a fresh copy of xp.
you should pick to install a fresh copy.
then it show you the partitions you have on you p.c. you can ether delete the existing partition and make a new one or use the existing one by pressing ENTER.
it will then warn you about installing multiple operating systems on one partition, but just press C
then it will let you into the format screen.

Hope this helps

  mettis 14:07 04 Feb 2005

had to fork out for oem of xp as it was not possible to get reload disc supplied by computor manufacturer to work.I am inclined to think this has something to do with sp2 as used reload disc previously with no problems.Thanks to all who offered possible solutions

  ventanas 14:24 04 Feb 2005

Did you buy any qualifying item of hardware which is now installed on the PC with the copy of OEM XP. If not it is illegal. Microsoft do not permit the selling and buying of OEM products except from a certified system builder, and only with a new PC or qualifying hardware. OEM discs cannot be sold individually, or buy anyone who is not certified by Microsoft.

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