xp reload on new pc

  timerep 11:25 24 Oct 2004

Oh I really love computers!!!! Just finished building a new one foxconn board with intel 3ghz cpu and a gig of memory from a clean hard drive installed xp,from an upgrade disk and gave it a full win 98 disk when prompted all seemed well untill it said it couldnt copy some files that appeard to be missing i386 but continued on and got xp up and running. put in some programs all ok untill I tried to download service pack 2 would not put it in downloaded it all but the install failed at the last min. got a disk version and all went in ok but since then any program install tried fails with the corrupt flie message. took sevice pack 2 off and now the machine wont startup. Have wiped the drive to start again but my question is do you need sp1 in before you put in sp2 and why should the xp install seem to miss files as the instructions say you can use the upgrade disk to do an install provided you have a full version of another wqindows disk to show it. Oh Help !!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:35 24 Oct 2004

All SP1 files included in SP2.

Never tried upgrading without opsystem installed on drive first thought you had to install 98 the insert upgrade disk an install XP. XP then overwrote 98.

  JonnyTub 11:36 24 Oct 2004

you only need to install sp2 as it has all the updates of sp1 included, as for the files going missing or skipping dueing installation, check the surface of the disk for scratches or finger prints, failing that, when xp is up and running, run the system file checker which should replace corrupt files by

start, run and in the run box type "SFC /SCANNOW" without the quotations, and hit ok.

have your xp to disk to hand as you'll probably be asked to insert it.

  JonnyTub 11:38 24 Oct 2004

hmmm.. if what fruitbat say's your trying to do is right, then i don't understand how you got xp on. You have to fully install 98 first and then whilst the os is up and running insert your xp disk and then select "upgrade".

  TomJerry 11:40 24 Oct 2004

CD is not as reliable as we like

  PSF 12:31 24 Oct 2004

You can do a full install from scratch with a upgrade cd. I had to do it when fitting a new hard drive in my other pc. The transfer from old to new HD did not work, and so I formatted the new drive and installed XP. It asks for a ME or 98 disc to confirm you are eligible for the upgrade.

  timerep 18:53 24 Oct 2004

Thanks guys for the advice I wil install the xp again from scratch and do the sfc/scannow to replace any missing or corrupt files. the main thing is though if I try to install any programs on xp like either adobe acrobat or the drivers for my webcam as an example it shows them as being corrupt when thay are not and just keeps throwing them out the window. I will persevear and have another go. According to the handbook with the xp upgrade disk it is fine to do the full install as long as you have the full version of 98 or above to confirm eligibility and the installation goes the whole way.

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