XP reinstall problem

  petermontague 13:19 28 Oct 2005

My system seemed to have become unstable so I reinstalled XP home.
The reinstall hung up a couple of times but eventually installed ok.
I was hoping to install a new os but keep my data but it wouldn't have been
the end of the world if it had reformatted the hard disc,
The install seemed to work but it showed nearly 20Gb on the hard disc but
the programs did not show in add/remove programs but I found them in Explorer.
Some I could open through the files in Explorer and some i couldn't. Some of the games
had their history intact and some had to start from the beginning again (v. boring)
I am not sure what I should do. Do I delete all the old filed and reinstall them or is there some way I
can access them. There is one file in particular which contained downloaded images that
says it is empty but wont allow me access to it.
Any suggestions?

  alan227 16:13 28 Oct 2005

It looks like you did a repair install, not a fresh install.
If you had done a new install it would have formatted your drive and left nothing of the previous install.

  petermontague 19:08 28 Oct 2005

As I said I am not sure what happened because of the freezing during the reinstall. I would have thought that a repair would allow me to access the existing files with no problems and that they would appear in the add/remove programs list.

The repair overwrites the operating system files, therby deleting any reference to ADD and REMOVE.

The programs are still there, some may still work by browsing to the particular program folder and double clicking the exe file. If it works you can create a desktop shortcut for that program. Others will not work and you will have to reinstall the program. The only way to delete the program would be to manually delete each individual program folder required. There might be registry entries left, so C Cleaner might be a option to tidy up the registry.

In my humble opnion, repair is only good if windows files have been corrupted and you want to repair specific file,or as this sounds, an overthe top install, is only good for a major problem, and to temporarily get back in a backup important files.

I woul suggest, if you run into problems, backup documents as required and format install.

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