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  Captain Red 11:44 09 Apr 2008

I am having problems with my Sister-in-law's computer. Everything was working fine, when she was on AOL, but money problems meant going to TalkTalk.
I have it running on my network here, but as soon as I get it back to her and put the TalkTalk on, it screws the computer up with blue screens everywhere. She was on ME, so even brought it back home and put XP on. All worked fine, surfing the 'net, making documents etc, until I put TalkTalk on at her house. Is there a problem with Norton's AV 2005/Me/TalkTalk, as the last time, the AV ended up being corrupted?

A year on, she has decided to go to BT, as she is fed up with it all. No Modem sent yet due to confusion at BT with the order, but when I was up there at the weekend, I tried to Re Format the HD, ready for it arriving. At about 99% it gave me the blue screen, telling me 'to stop damage being done it will close down now' with various messages' like irq nor equal or less than, bad spooler, etc. Sometimes no reason, given. But what ever I do, I can't get the HD formatted. Has the HD gone down?

This really is a shortened version!

P.s. I am only just at intermediate level, so go easy on me!!

  keef66 11:53 09 Apr 2008

As a first step I would download and run Memtest86. (you create a bootable disk from it) Faulty ram can cause the kind of thing you're describing.

  Gordon999 13:03 09 Apr 2008


Your blue screens, commonly known as the blue screen of death denotes that the speed at which information is being transfered from memory to the processor is out of sync.

As Keef66 points out this is probably down to a memeory problem more than anything else. A memory test would be good. Also it may be worth while to check the start up screen to see what is happening with the memory test as the PC boots up this is normally the first thing you see followed by the various devices you have connected. You would also probably here a serious of beeps from your PC if there was a problem.

Check you setup on boot up to make sure the PC is configured correctly this normally the del or esc key.

You could also try taking the ram modules out giving them a wipe down and repalcing them one at a time individually, reboot each time to see if one has been corrupted.

Also how are you trying to reformat the drive?


  Captain Red 13:16 09 Apr 2008

Thanks for both responses. I am trying to reformat from the Windows XP disk, by deleting the partition and then re installing XP onto the unpartitioned space available.

What I never will understand is, every time I brought the computer back here, while using Me, I reformatted OK re installed Windows and Office and Norton's AV no problems. At Christmas,I had it for about 3/4 weeks, when I created documents surfed the 'net and generally used it. Did virus scans with uptodate defs and they came back OK, even the day before I took it back up to SiL's, the last time. As soon as I drove up the road, 80ish miles, and tried to install TalkTalk, it upset the computer big time. I know there is only 256MB of DDR Ram on one chip, but it had a new 80GB HD installed, last year by a computer shop. I'm trying to solve this without too much expense or I would just get the shop to look at it again. Neither of us are very flush atm.

This Memtest86, do I download it to a cd and so creating a bootable disk or do I have to do something to it?

Thanks again.

  Gordon999 13:20 09 Apr 2008

Hi matey,

not too sure about Keef response sorry.

It's bizarre that you are having these problem as a format is a format.

You didn't try a low level format did you as this is quite important as this is done at source to get the PC ready for OS installation etc by users. It basically prepares the drive for use. It can't be done at home.


  Captain Red 14:07 09 Apr 2008

No, I tried a full format and did this when I had the HD installed as well. The computer guy talked me through the initial format last year, over the phone, as I hadn't done that before.

  woodchip 14:15 09 Apr 2008

Why is it screwing it up???? you do not need to use the CD, All you need is User and Password.Then in Control Panel\Network Connections create a new connection using the above. If its wireless that is a all new ballgame that you need help with

  woodchip 14:32 09 Apr 2008

It can be done at home using Killdisk click here

  Gordon999 14:35 09 Apr 2008

As woodchip says it should straight forward to install Talk Talk but your problem is formatting the hard drive right.

My apologies if you know this. Put in your XP disc. switch off the machine and on boot up press the del key to enter set up. change the boot device to cd rom and reboot all you need to do is following the on screen instructions.

  Captain Red 14:35 09 Apr 2008

When I tried to install the TalkTalk, it made the computer unworkable, somehow. Like I said before, I am no expert. The first time, while I was installing the software, I think I got hit with a virus or two, G*d knows how/why. I had disabled the AV, as requested by TalkTalk, but still don't understand it. On one occasion, the computer just kept throwing up virus alerts to do this to fix them. One after the other, sometimes. The computer, because of this, just got so unmanageable, that I had to re format, even after trying to fix the virus problems, re installing Windows, you name it I tried it. We even tried TalkTalk's customer care, that after various chats couldn't help.

  woodchip 14:39 09 Apr 2008

As above you "should not use the Talktalk CD".

You only need the User name and Password. Read my Last post on how to do it. as to Format, will System Restore put it back to before your attempt at TalkTalk

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