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  shaduf 19:58 06 Mar 2003

Last Sunday I used a cleaning disc to get rid of old files etc. Unfortunately, I must have got carried away as XP wouldn’t start again afterwards. I tried everything I knew but got nowhere so decided to insert my recovery disc and thereby reinstall XP.
This went without a hitch and I was pleased to see that my data was still there although software wouldn’t run without its reinstallation (no problem).

However when I start the computer I have two options come up long before a Windows screen.

These are:
Do you want to go to 1/.Windows XP Home Edition
2/.Windows XP Home Edition.

If I take the first option Windows opens and runs normally. This also happens, by default, if I do nothing but wait 30 seconds. If I take the second option Windows starts to load and then crashes.

Now the strange thing. I appear to have two sets of Windows on my computer and Explorer calls them Windows , which doesn’t work and Windows 0 which does. Thinking that would confuse me in the future I decided it would be better to set the Windows Attribute to Hidden.

Now that my computer is running satisfactory I think I would be better to delete the non working Windows but just wonder if any techie has any comments first.
Perhaps life would have been easier had I reformatted or would that destroy files needed by the recovery disc.

Thanks in anticipation.


  Lú-tzé 20:36 06 Mar 2003

Sounds like the easiest way out is to save all your data, have a backup of all software registration numbers, email a/c and other passwords, DUN settings and so on and do a complete reinstall.

Burn everything you want to CD-R and check that it is burned correctly and then do a reformat / reinstall.

But a techie may come along and tell you how to remove the first install of windows, so wait a while before doing anything.

  flobby 22:20 06 Mar 2003

Hi Shaduf.
I had a similar problem but with XP home and XP pro, I was given this solution by temp003 and it worked.
Your system now has a “dual boot” of(1) windows XP home set up. Meaning the installation process and (2) your existing XP proper ( full System)
When you run XP set up (i.e. the installation from the XP-CD) XP set up, copies the installation files to a temporary folder on the hard disc. The computer needs to restart to continue with the XP installation. But it needs to reboot back into into XP installation. So it writes new entries into the C:\boot.ini.file to make the “windows XP setup” an additional boot option, making it the default option at the same time.
If this the same for you then the correction is not difficult. You need to (1) edit the C:\ boot.ini.file; and (2) remove the temporary installation files on your hard disc.
To edit boot. ini. Right click My Computer, select Properties, Advanced, Startup and Recovery > Settings. In default operating system box, click the drop down list and select “Microsoft Windows Xp Home/fast detect as the default. ( if you do this there is less to edit manually- you can skip this step if you want to do it entirely manually). Click OK, and OK.
Then go back into Startup and Recovery > Settings. Click the “Edit “ button, which will open the boot.ini. file in notepad. Now under [operating systems], just delete the line C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT\BOOTSECT.DAT=”Microsoft windows XP Home Setup” or something like that, I suspect it’s the first line under [operating systems].
Just to make sure, your boot.ini.file after all the editing, should read:
[boot loader]
timeout = 30 ***Note that the timeout value is irrelevant and can be any number when you only have one boot option.
default = multi(0)disc(0)rdisc(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS
[operating systems]
multi(0)disc(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS=Microsoft Windows XP home/fastdetect
This assumes your XP is installed on the 1st.IDE hard disc, in the first partition on that disc(usually the case)
Save the changes and exit notepad. Click OK.
Restart the computer. You should be able to boot straight into XP proper without a boot options screen.
Then delete the temporary installation folder. I t should be under the C drive called $WIN_NT$~BT.
I hope this works for you, Cheers, Flobby

  shaduf 20:37 07 Mar 2003

Lu-tze and flobby

Thanks for your responses.

Not being over brave I am going to wait for my computer expert friend to come round and follow your instructions. Will only cost me a pint!
Thanks again, both of you, really appreciate it.

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