Is XP really that memory hungry?

  Chisman 22:14 26 Jan 2003

I have a Pentium 4, 2.66, 512 MB RAM, XP Home, running Norton AV and FW and broadband.

I recently downloaded FreeRAM XP (which has marginally improved system performance), but the free memory reading is 69% (approx 354MB). The only app I have open is Internet Explorer.

Is this really how much of my memory is required just to run XP? Are there any specific services I could stop to significantly reduce the memory useage?

  powerless 23:24 26 Jan 2003

Well FW and AV will gulp at your memory. It might not showup in the applications (as Interent Explorer does)becasuse you have selected it to startup when your computer starts.

Some of the Processes can be forgotten but i leave them as they are. I have no memory problem in fact 512 is perfect for me.

Also have a look in the taskbar on the right side how many little icons do you have. I have 8 (becasue i have 8 applications open)I have 255MB left...

Sometimes programs install update checkers so they are designed to start up when your computer starts. You can disable a lot things it will give you more RAM but you have to be careful becasue it might not make a program work correctly.

Feel free to click here this will give a huge list of "allot" of programs that are there when you startup your computer like i said you can ignore some of them to free your memory.

If you go to the run command on your start menu and type in "msconfig" without the quotes and click "ok". Now select the starup tab.

Cross reference what you see in the huge list and see if it is safe to disbale them. Just take the tick out of the boxes...

Once finished just restart and you will find you will free up memory.

As for the processes i have forgotten the link so you'll have to wait till someone can come up with that so you can disable some Processes.

  DieSse 23:36 26 Jan 2003

The thing is, WinXP manages your RAM - and the more you have, the more of itself it will keep in RAM, for performance reasons (up to a limit).

I've just seen a system running WinXPPro in 64Mb (somewhat on the slow side!!).

512Mb is plenty to run XP happily - and you should just let Windows get on with managing your resources and memory.

However, Norton is particularly greedy on resources - not all AV are anywhere near as bad.

  Coaster3 23:41 26 Jan 2003

I ran XP Pro on 512 until last week when I added anothr 256. The speed increase in some applications is incredible.

  powerless 23:42 26 Jan 2003

Norton is nice to me it dosnt take up much 2.2MB. If i'm looking at the right thing here...

  Chisman 23:50 26 Jan 2003

On the whole my performance is still pretty good, but I have certainly noticed a degradation in performance since I took it out the wrapping for the first time.

Thanks for info on the startup list, as there were a couple of rogues in there.

I have just run Spybot and changed a few other bits and the performance is actually a lot better.


  Simon_P 07:15 27 Jan 2003

Any PC slows down over time as you add more programs etc, not to mention web site junk that is droped onto your drive. Keep in mind that when you first open your new PC the drive is likly 90% empty.
Think of it like a filing cabbenet, the more stuff you put in it the longer it takes you to find what you want!

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