Xp re-install key problem

  Tanzy_uk 08:36 16 Aug 2006

Hi all, I'm about to carry out a major upgrade of my system, I have copied my bootable hard drive to a partition on a larger HD Then tried to do an install over the top, I did this to keep original settings for email / anti virus software ect. I used norton Goast for this. all went ok untill Xp started up, and told me that my key was invalid, This is the key for the comuter I am using at the mo, which is using a ligit copy that I bought a few years ago. I didnt try to register as I was not connected to the internet, also this was a dry run so I haven't changed any major components other than the HD, I intend on getting another copy of windows in the next few months so that I can run my old comuter parts as a junk computer, but I can't afford to get a copy at the mo.

  recap 10:47 16 Aug 2006

If I am reading you right Tanzy_uk, are you trying to install two XP Operating Systems on one machine?

If this is correct then I am affraid this is not possible to my knowledge.

  FelixTCat 11:43 16 Aug 2006


I'm not too clear just what you did. Did you Ghost your exiting XP installation to he new hard drive, then do a new installation ox XP onto the existing hard drive?

Which installation of XP is it that wouldn't start; the Ghosted one on the new hard disk or the new installation on the old hard disk?



  FelixTCat 11:44 16 Aug 2006


You can make as many XP installations as you like provided they are on different partitions or disks.



  Tanzy_uk 08:07 17 Aug 2006


I Ghoasted if that is a word? my old XP onto new hard drive, tried to do a system repair and came up with the key problem, i think I understood what was wrong, XP probably recognised that it had been ghoasted and therefore that the key was previously used, I have since carried out a complete reinstall on the new hard drive, which took a few attempts but all is working well, unfortunatly I lost all my email / AV setting ect, I still have them on my old HD which will boot up on a junk machine, got a new set of AV software for 30 quid which was due for renewal in Oct anyway. THanks for your help


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