XP re-activation trouble

  Cherkassy 16:40 08 Jul 2009

I built a new pc and bought a genuine copy of xp pro (sp2) operating software (through Ebay from Germany) I installed it and managed to activate it and registered with microsoft for updates. All was well, I have used the pc for 3 months and then discovered that either someone had 'hacked' in or I'd got a virus and various key components became disabled and locked, my zonealarm firewall was locked in a disabled mode... To cut the story short; I decided to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the windows xp os and start again.
All is well until I try to 're-activate' the xp os... When I call the number that comes up in the activation window (0800 0188354) it is fully automated & you can't 'talk' to anyone. It asks you to enter the product key (ok) and then to key in the long number on the phone as shown in the window (ok). However it then says there is an error (probably because this operating system product key has been already 'activated' by me before...) So it then says to click the 'create new product key... I do that and it just implies that you actually have a different product key (which I don't) so I try to enter the 'installation id number' which I was given when I first registered / activated this os back in March... but that doesn't work either because the numbers are in sequences of 6 digits with 9 sets of them - whereas the window only has room for 7 sets of numbers - I don't know why I have 9 sets - but it must have worked before because I managed to do it the first time.

Does anyone have any advice on how to resolve the problem?

If you have already activated your xp windows software - but then were forced to do so again because of a virus attack - how do you manage it? It's even more awkward for me that if I try to the address I gave the first time is different to my current one because I have moved home since March.
I have just downloaded the 'Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130)' - I think I remember doing that before - maybe it'll make a difference...

Any advice gratefully recieved!

  Technotiger 16:57 08 Jul 2009

This is the telephone number to call in UK, you will be able to speak to an English speaking person. They are very helpful, so you should have no further problem.

It is the Microsoft Campus at Reading in Berkshire.

  johndrew 17:09 08 Jul 2009

Provided your copy of XP is a genuine, full copy there is nothing to stop you re-activating it on re-installation as many times as you need to - subject to the time periods MS have stipulated. I think this latter is something like 3 times in 120 days - I`ll stand corrected.

You could try 0800 015 1135 which I think is a `manned` line.

For future reference, it is worth keeping a copy of the uncompressed WPA.DBL file - the activation file - on a floppy/CD in the event of re-installation you will find it in C:\WINDOWS\system32

Hope this helps.

  Cherkassy 22:38 08 Jul 2009

Many thanks for the advice guys - however I have strangely managed to sort it myself a while after making my post - it seems that the 'Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool' did the trick - Initially not but when I kept at it, another tool was available and that solved the problem - I think it was because this recognised the PC hardware as identical to the previous installation and matched it. So all is well again :o) However I have learned some lessons and will attempt to make copies of certain files that can resolve these problems (if there is a) next time... I'll also invest in some good backup software I think!


  Technotiger 22:44 08 Jul 2009

OK - thanks for your feedback - I use, and recommend Acronis for making Full backups, preferably to an external hard drive.


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