XP Quick Launch Problems?

  Modumus Prime 10:31 01 Apr 2004

Its a small problem but as with every small problem - its bugging the hell out of me! lol

In Windows XP i create a Quick Launch Toolbar for easy access to Firefox, Thunderbird, etc but every time i restart my PC the Quick Launch Toolbar isn't there anymore!

I've tried the Taskbar & Start Properties Settings but no matter what i do, i can't seem to keep the Quick Launch Toolbar present!

Any help or advice???

  Diodorus Siculus 10:41 01 Apr 2004

Is the taskbar locked? If so, unlock it.

Also ensure that the quicklaunch is ticked.

  Modumus Prime 10:57 01 Apr 2004

I have tried the Quick Launch on a Locked & Unlocked Taskbar but the Quick Launch still dissapears when i restart my PC??

  Mr Pointy 11:10 24 Jun 2004

I'm having exactly the same thing happen. I've tried a few tune-up programs and wonder if this has affected the registry for this particular function. Every time I start up, I have to re-enable the quick launch feature.

It is a minor niggle but very annoying grrrr!

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