XP Quick Fix Plus

  provider 2 14:14 17 Apr 2010

I found this in Web User ... 40 quick fixes for XP in this free program: click here

It looks quite useful but does anybody use it or know anything about it?

  provider 2 14:17 17 Apr 2010
  birdface 15:48 17 Apr 2010

Another for Vista and Windows7.

click here

  birdface 15:50 17 Apr 2010

I should have added I have not used any off the 2 of them.
But handy to have just in case.

  provider 2 16:47 17 Apr 2010

I think so too, if they don`t do any harm, of course.

I was just wondering if anyone here had any experience of them and could say for sure if they are reliable or not.

I pick up Web User from time to time (It`s cheaper than most pc mags) but I have the impression (could be wrong) that they`re not too thorough in their testing of this kind of thing.

  provider 2 16:54 17 Apr 2010

... maybe, in part, due to the number of progs they offer.

Here`s the list for the latest one: click here

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