XP PS2 keyboard malfunction

  bigrad 12:28 15 Feb 2008

My PS2 key board has suddenly stopped working. Problem just appeared at boot up - there was a few POST like beeps and the keyboard hasnt worked since. I have checked and reinstalled the driver but that made no difference. I have tried using restore but that made no difference and I have tried installing my full system backup but that made no difference either. I have swapped keyboards but that isnt it either. In desperation I tried to restore all factory defaults but it requires key commands to make it work, so no luck there either. Now the mouse has gone the same way. Suddenly it stopped working and as well and nothing doing since. cant boot into safe mode either. Bit at a loss as to what to do next as I have no way of making any input to the pc as things stand... Does anyone have an idea of what I should try next or know of the magic bullet? I am running XP sp2. Any help gratefully received.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:36 15 Feb 2008

Check in BIOS that PS2 is enabled or just reser the BIOS to default setting and see if the keyboard and mouse come back.

  bigrad 15:17 16 Feb 2008

To access BIOS on my computer I need to enter keystroke commands and as I don't have a working keyboard that snot possible. I have found a workaround by connecting a USB keyboard and mouse, (which works fine once they have been detected and installed) and then getting into BIOS. I reset it but it didnt make any difference, the PS2 keyboard still didnt work. Thanks anyway.

  €dstowe 15:55 16 Feb 2008

The PS2 (and other) connectors on motherboards are fitted with tiny fuses which easily blow if there are any surges through that part of the system. Surges can be caused by hot plugging/unplugging.

Have connected/disconnected the keyboard/mouse with the machine powered up?

NB: the fuses are not visible and not normally repairable.

  bigrad 14:10 17 Feb 2008

I havent hot swapped the keyboard or mouse but having replaced the keyboard with another ps2 unit which I knew was OK but which also didnt work you may well be right about the fuses. In which case nothing will work, so looks like I will have to stick with the uSB keyboard and mouse, although I'd like to get the ps2 keyboard working again if at all possible. Cheers.

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