xp proffesional cd cracked

  johnnyrocker 09:45 06 Aug 2004

a while back i posted about having trouble doing a repair of xp from the disc in that i had to press retry some 50 or 60 times which i was told at the time i should not have had to do, on three occasions recently i have had a blue screen saying windows has shut down to protect itself each time i have pressed reset and the microsoft report quotes an error about unplugging a usb device which is a glitch in xp and there was a hotfix for this.
firstly i was not doing anything special on the occasions these shut downs happened just playing games on yahoo.
secondly my system has all the updates available.
belarc gives a clean sheet.
i thought i might run sfc but i got the disk out of it's sleeeve and notice a crack about an inch long on the disc going from the centre out.
might this be why the repair was so difficult and the cause of my problems now and if so what is my best course of action.



  spanneress 09:55 06 Aug 2004

Is it a crack or a scratch? If it is a scratch, use toothpaste to repair..honest it works!

  johnnyrocker 09:57 06 Aug 2004

nice tip i shall remember that, it is definately a crack as is visible from both sides.


  spanneress 09:59 06 Aug 2004

CAn you not contact Microsoft and explain and they could perhaps replace the disc..one would think so as we have to pay so much for it! I think I have heard this before that they replace discs...

  spanneress 10:01 06 Aug 2004

Please excuse my clumsy grammar.. I was watching tv whilst replying and taking no notice of the format or the content!

  Sethhaniel 10:02 06 Aug 2004

We are not supposed to used cracked cd's ;)

If the shutdowns occured while just innocently playing on Yahoo - could be a virus/or spy attack which has upset system - as new ones are appearing everyday -
As to the cd you can still use it with a crack - some of my pristine new shiney ones won't work on my drive ;)

  spanneress 10:07 06 Aug 2004

Can you not copy the damaged CD? This is what I do..lots of software will let you copy copyrighted CD's (apparently!)...

  johnnyrocker 10:13 06 Aug 2004

sethaniel i have up to date avg, spy-bot,adaware,spyware blaster, nice idea spanneress i shall give that a try, but pardon my odd thinking does not a crack mean some data can not be read?


  terryr48 10:16 06 Aug 2004

I noticed staples had some sort of cd repair kit the other day- I don't know to what extent it repairs cd's, but it was nearly £30.00 so it must be some sort of miracle cure (or a rip off)
for that sort of money :-)

  Sethhaniel 10:22 06 Aug 2004

its like having a bad sector on Disc - if the info is on the other part it should be OK - sometimes the drive will not read disc at all - but if there's access to CD then the info may be available -
IF CD is e.g 700MB and program 120MB maybe the crack is in clear space ???
worth a try ;)

  Dumble452 10:33 06 Aug 2004

Might be worth looking at this thread 2nd or 3rd posting click here
I know I've got the disk somewhere. Think it was about March this year

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