XP Professional activation

  skylark101 21:46 03 Jul 2006

I have three computers in the house, running XP Home, I want to upgrade them all to XP Professional but I have read that I can only install Win XP Pro on one system without infringing the activation rules. If I bought and paid for legal XP Pro software surely this does not mean I can only install it on one computer!
Bye the way I recently installed Adobe pdf software on my computer that had already been installed and activated on a friends computer, I had a little trouble but activation was successful on my third attempt could I hope for this with XP Pro?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:56 03 Jul 2006

[quote]If I bought and paid for legal XP Pro software surely this does not mean I can only install it on one computer[/quote]

Yes, one license, one machine!

Unless you get MACOS which sell a family batch of 5 for about the price of 2.

  VoG II 21:57 03 Jul 2006

You are asking for help to commit a criminal offence. Get lost!

  ade.h 22:01 03 Jul 2006

"...surely this does not mean I can only install it on one computer!"

You must be living in a dream world where software devcos are run as charitable organisations.

  zarobian 22:56 03 Jul 2006

Yes Yes. One licence one machine. Are you advertising that you have illegally installed and activated Adobe PDF on your machine?

I am afraid you have no place on this forum.


  DieSse 22:59 03 Jul 2006

VoG™ - a tad over the top - no help was asked for - more a question of was it true that it couldn't be done, I read.

MS does not permit multiple installs of a single copy. Most other OS vendors do - many Linux versions either come free, or have free versions. Linspire, for instance allows multiple copies in a single home, and will also very soon have a free version.

In fact it's MS that are out of step with many of the rest of the OS suppliers, so it's not an unreasonable thing to question their policy. The fact that they're the dominant supplier of OSs doesnt mean that their policy is the only commercially viable one, nor the only possible one. It's just their choice, and they will stand or fall by the choices they make.

As a different comment - I don't think you would even find it worthwhile to upgrade your XP home copies, in any event.

  DieSse 23:00 03 Jul 2006

And as another comment, what you have done with Adobe, IS very probably against the license terms, so you should remove it.

  Forum Editor 23:31 03 Jul 2006

No, I'm afraid not.

What you actually bought and paid for was a licence to use the software on a single computer. Look at it that way, and it's easier to understand. You didn't buy the software - Microsoft owns that - you bought a licence to use it.

Your use of Adobe Acrobat is illegal under the terms of the relevant copyright legislation, regardless of the fact that you were able to use your friend's installation key.

  Migwell 00:17 04 Jul 2006

I still think it is morraly wrong of any company to expect that, if some one has three computers in his house he needs to buy three lots of whatever. After all I only have one TV licence and I have 7 TV sets and two video recorders in my house and that is OK. It's just Uncle Bill ripping us off as are all those other companys who make people buy duplicate programs for the computers we run under one roof.

I am not happy and will never be so about the big swindle.

  Migwell 00:21 04 Jul 2006

I only have one running computer, so please don't think I am running outside the law.

  wee eddie 00:39 04 Jul 2006

a TV License is a Poll tax by another name.

Oh! and you can avoid it if you are willing to cut your nose off.

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