XP problems. Is it genuine??

  what the... 14:31 17 May 2006


I bought my pc froma local pc shop about 14 months ago...everything has been fine until last two days when ive had this windows genuine advantage upadte or something telling me my copy is not genuine. I went back to the shop and after much debating and threats to report him he gave me a genuine microsfot windows disc. The problem i have now is how do i start to upgarde or install or do what is necessary in order to make my windows xp installation genuine. I am not an expert so any help in simple terms would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  mattyc_92 14:38 17 May 2006

Use "Magical Jelly Bean" (click here) to change your serial

You shouldn't have to format, as changing the serial should cure it

  rodriguez 14:48 17 May 2006

Start by backing up all the files you want to keep and then put the genuine Windows XP disc in and restart the computer. Look out for a "Press any key to boot from CD..." message and then press Enter and the CD will boot and start the Windows XP installation. Then it's just a case of going through and choosing which hard drive to use and it should be pretty straight forward. Just pick the main hard drive if there's 2 drives or if there's only one drive use that. Let it format the drive in NTFS format and it should start copying files and installing Windows. It's mostly automatic so it should be quite easy to do. The shop that sold you the fake copy of Windows in the first place has broken the law and if they carry on selling other people fake copies of Windows they should be reported to Microsoft and the police. click here for details about reporting it.

  johndrew 14:48 17 May 2006

My guess is you will need to do a full install, validate, register and update.

The question is, if you`ve had the PC 14 months, have you updated Windows during that time? If so, how?

There is also a move by MS to clamp down on pirated software so they may well want to know about it. Whether any of your details were recorded by MS when you tried to update and they will try to contact you I have no idea.

Personally I think that anyone who sells `bogus` software deserves all they get. It is fraud on the buyer (in this case you) and on the company (in this case MS) and it puts up prices for all those of us that buy the genuine article.

  Sethhaniel 15:12 17 May 2006

windows whatever legal or illegal will update itself - only a few downloads need validation and will refuse
the new update no warns you of illegal copies and will keep popping up to remind you -

what the...
simply changing the serial number probably wont work as the machine & op system are one as anyone who adds upgrades to initial pc finds out.

  Eric half-a-bee 16:04 17 May 2006

If the magical jelly bean doesn't solve your problem you can repair install without affecting any other files. When you boot from the disk you'll be given an option to repair - don't go for this but enter past it and you're given a second "R for repair option". If you accept that you will install from the new disk and will be asked for the serial number. You will probably need to uninstall SP2 first.

  woodchip 16:10 17 May 2006

How do you know that the Disc is genuine. It may be just the same as the one he as put on the comp

  woodchip 16:11 17 May 2006

If it's not you have him over a barrel

  what the... 16:15 17 May 2006

Hi Guys

Thanks for all the suggestions. The only way i see is to install xp onto a spre disc i have, go to the microsoft site and check to see if it is genuine. This way i'll know for sure and if its not then well lets say the shop will be in for a surprise.....

  woodchip 16:17 17 May 2006

That's a good way to find out. When you try to update it, SP2 first

  mattyc_92 16:18 17 May 2006

"what the...", see my 14:38 post. Will be alot simpler than having to install on another drive

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