xp problems detecting processor

  seanbro6712 19:14 24 Jun 2003

i have a pentium 4 processor and windows XP Professional. sometimes when i use my computer i notice that games run very slowly other times they run ok. i downloaded a benchmarking program and i found out that the processor was running fine sometimes othertimes it was performing at a quater of the speed based on the results. i also noticed that on the "system properties" it sometimes says my processor is a pentium 4 cpu 2.0 othertimes it says it's a family pentium or another name. any help would be great.

  misery 19:49 24 Jun 2003

ram memory chip(s) correct for the fsb speed? Is the CPU overheating?

  jazzypop 20:44 24 Jun 2003

I suspect an overheating problem. As P4's get hotter, they are designed to run slower, in order to reduce the amount of heat they produce and stop them from frying themselves.

Take the case off, check that all fans are running OK,try leaving the case off and blowing a slow-running desktop fan into the case. If that 'fixes' it, you know your problems are caused by overheating, and you can take remedial measures.

  Quiller. 21:05 24 Jun 2003

Is this a tower system or a laptop.

Laptop Pentium cpu's have a stepping system in which only parts of the cpu are used, when needed. This conserves power and aids battery life.

  seanbro6712 10:11 25 Jun 2003

its not overheating i can leave the pc off for a whole day turn it on and games will run slow etc. and other times i can keep it on for a whole day playing games on the internet and it'll run fast all the time. its a tower system. thanks for the responses so far. i think it might be windows xp, can xp slow the cpu?

  seanbro6712 10:14 25 Jun 2003

i use a "fresh Diagnose" to benchmark the cpu somtimes it have "1,674 wips" other days "377 wips" it doesnt change while the computer is on.

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